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Show Off Your Profile Pic or Card Background



Since there’s no canon for Anka, I’ve devised a brilliant origin story for her


I haven’t laughed this hard all week, thank you


“Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic”



You must not be a member of the Off Topic Denizens group … it’s worth joining – there are some interesting discussions there!



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Heather Baron-Gracie from Pale Waves Song very cool !!! :gift:



In light of the current problem with Discourse’s default avatar service, I thought I’d resurrect this old topic :sunglasses: Above is my current avatar image, which is a modified version of this beautiful illustration by Sunnypoppy of Yang in her “Hunter” outfit:


Might as well show off mine.
My pfp is the holy Pyrrha scream from RWBY Chibi, edited for a transparent background.

My card BG is the sacred JNPR dance, again from RWBY, but done by the villains and heavily compressed.

As for my custom flair, it’s Kobayashi from Dragon Maid.

Sauces for non-RWBY fans


card bg: