Show Off Your Profile Pic or Card Background

I always find everyone’s profile pics & card backgrounds very interesting, so I thought I’d create a thread where folks can post the full size images and share any info about them if they like!

Remember to include links to the artist’s original work if at all possible!

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Overwatch’s best girl (and my main), the one and only Hana Song! Image by AssassinWarrior

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By cruha0319
I have no clue who the artist is.

and my profile pic is White Daimond from Steven Universe, probably the coolest villian ever introduced to any show and we only got 30 seconds of her so far. But truth is you really don’t get the same feeling from seeing her for the first time unless you’ve been watching the show and are well into the lore and characters and that’s why I think her introduction is even cooler. She gives off an aurora and feeling that you could only get from watching the show. She doesn’t have some over dramatic music or some crazy shock attitude from the characters to let you know she’s the big bad villian, no she doesn’t have any of those clichés. And that’s not to hate on those clichés because I love me some badass villians. But when leading up to her everything starts changing in the show and you hear a few sentences about her character from others and she had never been mentioned by any character in the show before but she had been foreshadowed to exist from murals and paintings in the show so everyone is sure she exist but to finally hear her name mentioned is just thrilling because everyone theorizes that she is the leader of the villians and for her to be spoken as someone beyond the most powerful characters we have seen gives a chilling feeling. Then questionable events begin to happen even before the characters who are supposed to know what happens next and they’re not overwhelmingly shocked but they’re surprised and then you finally see her in her full beauty and she isn’t like every other main villian of a show. She doesn’t go about flaunting her power, talking down to the characters, saying how strong she is and how weak everyone else is, no she doesn’t do that, she just gives a few words and then everyone is brushed to the side. She doesn’t waste time treating everyone like they’re weaker, or goes on on a monologue about how strong she is, no she says her words and pushes the characters to the side because they’re weaker then her, they’re beneath her, she doesn’t need to flaunt anything, she IS more powerful, it is a fact, she doesn’t need to waste time expressing herself, why would she waste her breath on such insignificant characters? She doesn’t talk to them in a taunting voice but just ignores their statements and continue her commands, why would she listen to such inferior beings? She just evokes a kind of power and authority I’ve never felt in a character before and she has only been shown for 30 seconds!!! So yeah she’s pretty damn cool to me.


My boi Sora from the anime “No Game No Life”. Basically he and his sister " Shiro" are teleported to another world where everything is run via games. By everything I mean any like even rock paper scissors could decide who the next king will be. Both Shiro and Sora play together as a team called “Blank” and they are pretty much geniuses.


Sorry don’t have a background though.

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Waveracer D.VA skin cropped so it looks like she’s saying “Delet this”

Uhhh, see I have this thing that happens to me every time I start a new game.

I recently started playing Overwatch on the last free weekend to give it a try and it was during the last week of the summer games event and like my first level up lootbox gave me Waveracer D.VA, I ended up liking her and the game so I acted fast and bought the game with 50% off so I guess I’m a D.VA onetrick now.


Idc if its still there but I stole a bunch of pics from my friends photo gallery.

I think its from a freelancers twitter (cant seem to reverse search it)

Sdorica: Mobile Game.

And my profile pic is all ways different because I love changing and never settling down with stuff (A struggle for myself)

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I really like rain. Like a lot. A pluviophile.

Artemis is the man

This was originally gonna be my user background but it didn’t look right (the pictures are one of my favorite parts about FFXV)

My profile picture is a gif from the first anime I ever watched (soul eater)

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Zen is awesome, he’s my favourite support. How can you not like the sweet omnic monk that travels spreading peace and harmony


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My profile pic and card background are both stickers from the Duel Otters iOS sticker pack. Before you ask, I DID purchase the stickers. I just use a screenshoted versions of them for discord and general use because I never use iMessage. Support your artists kids.

They’re pretty great.

My profile background is quite NSFW. Not explicitly, but it’s definitely something you wouldn’t want anyone to see you looking at. Essentially it’s an image of what the end result of a female tentacle demon sexually manipulating a young teenager for numerous days would possibly look like. Potentially in the form of brainwashing or torture. It’s fan art for a similarly dark and sexual manga I’ve been reading, except instead of leading us on for the last century it gets straight into it. Personally I find the aesthetic extremely appealing, although that might be due to the combination of my intrigue into indie horror and my unfulfilled desires of romance kicking in. Since the profile backgrounds are often too dark to see anything well I cropped out the top section of the image and just used the much more SFW bottom part, which just seems like numerous weird lines that feel a little off. It’s been engrained into my head ever since I’ve seen it and I have my doubts I’ll forget about it any time soon.

The more you know.

I did some research on the artist who made the image. It seems that they straight up draw porn for a living, so I don’t feel comfortable linking their twitter. I’ll just give you their name, you can do your own digging.

Taneno Nakami

Lmao this pic has more lore than anka.

Sagittarius A is the supermassive black hole in the center of the milky way galaxy. It was named after the constellation Sagittarius after strange signals were discovering coming behind it.

Getting a picture of a black hole irl is pretty damn difficult, since all you can see is the event horizon, and they are extremely far away from earth.

This picture references Sagittarius A, but it’s actually a fictional black hole called “Gargantua” from the movie Interstellar. Gargantua is a slow spinning black hole, meaning theoretically an object moving fast enough could reach the singularilty. In the movie, a 5th dimensional space is placed there.

Why Sagittarius? That was my preferred names on platforms before I created a unique current ign, (in vainglory).

My ign is Sagittericus, a fusion of the words Sagittarius and Esoteric, which you could translate to “Secret black hole.” This is in reference of Gargantua.

Beat that, anka.


Mine is… self-explanatory. :grin::grin:


my profile picture is a quick picture of a pig i drew with one finger, i bet y’all jealous of my skills, when i made this forums account. the picture has been deleted from m chromebook so i can’t show big. my card background is a large picture of the scream cat emoji

Image result for scream cat emoji


I’ve had the same profile pic pretty much since I joined the old forums. I never saw the need to change it bc it’s easily recognizable and that’s how a lot of people know who I am.


you changed it on Discord though, no?

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yep. I wanted to try something a little more chill and generic, especially since I’m not playing Vainglory so much anymore. I tried to make sure that it’s still quickly recognizable when it’s shown next to a lot of other profile pics. On Discord, the size that your profile pic is displayed at is very small, so more intricate pics don’t read well.
A lot of people on Discord have pics that are taken from anime or games and just look like a clusternugget of colors and lines when they are viewed at that size. I think a solid color is much easier to see and differentiate from all the clutter.


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Absolute UNIT of a man

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You could have used any picture