SEO of this forum

I’m sorry if this topic has been posted before
So when i search this forum on google with “vg forum”, it appears on first page, but when i search it with “vainglory forum” its on 7th page. So i think the SEO of this forum needs some work? To make it easier to be found, so more people will join here


You’re absolutely right. It’s been on my to-do list, but real life has gotten in the way for the past couple of weeks. I should have time to do some of that this weekend, though.

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Agreed, along with more content for people to find. We are accumulating new sign ups which is good, but with the full launch next week there should be a bunch of new players around and it would be nice if some of them find their way here.

The forums are unfindable via google still. We are two weeks further.

This community cannot grow if it can’t be found

This should have the highest priority of the entire community. We need to be found. We need SEMC to mention the forum. They mention reddit and players a lot

3rd result, maybe it has to do with regions…

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Mine shows up as the first result. Possibly Google is annoyed that I haven’t bookmarked it :joy:

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Patience, grasshopper. Moving up in Google search rankings does not happen overnight, particularly for a forum.

Agree, but I’m not expecting much (if any) direct promotion from SEMC.


Here’s where our traffic is coming from … two weeks ago, only the Philippines version of Google was on the list.


Me neither, it would go against their “we’re closing the forums because we want the community to gather in a few platforms” argument when closing the forums.

My view is if we have great content they will promote it - like any great content anywhere. Its why I am excited for the various community wiki projects - they have the potential to be fantastic resources.

In real terms we are a fairly small but growing space - I expect us to be treated like any other small scale content creator by SEMC.


How many members do we have?

C h r c t r s

According to this February 2018 Site Update & Patreon Reminder

546 users so far.

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Of them how many do we believe active? (visiting at least 2-3 times a week)

If that was the case reddit would never leave their mouths. While reddit can garner good info at times it is outweighed by well reddit culture

Hmm. I just ran a google search for vainglory forum on my mobile browser, got 9 pages of results, but these forums were not included. As in: They did not show up at all, I double-checked.

And while no result strikes me as rather odd: If they do show up in a prominent spot (i.e. the first few pages) for you, that may be due to previous searches for the exact URL.

To me, it looks like we are far below the radar, still.

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search and itll show up in front. or just have a shortcut on your phone.

I’ve got it bookmarked, obviously, but someone who does not already know the URL can’t find the forum.

That’s what the thread is all about: Visibility and growth.


oh ok then… carry on :smile:

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vg forums performs better - but yes it would be good to turn up when “vainglory” is searched for - unfortunately we couldn’t have “vainglory” in our url or title because SEMC don’t allow that. Which hampers things a bit.

The SEO will naturally rise as there is more content to find.

Errr… wow. At a lack of words here.

Would it help if we mentioned Vainglory a lot, as opposed to “VG”?