February 2018 Site Update & Patreon Reminder

We’re nearing the end of our first full month in operation here, and I thought I’d share a quick update:

Here’s a map showing where our users are located, with darker regions representing more users:

We’re growing steadily, as shown here:

20180227 - users

Last but not least, a huge thank you to our users who’ve pledged to support this site through our Patreon campaign. Here’s our current Patreon status:


Am I the only one as surprised as I was with Australia? I mean where are our Aussies at?


Cough cough… well there is me…

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Really, did not know that. That’s so cool :laughing:

You’re a transplant, though, aren’t you?

Oh yes, I’m a New Zealander - I’m only here to steal Australian jobs…


Huh, it’s pretty interesting to see the site traffic map, as it shows the areas where VG is really popular (even if the sample size used to make it isn’t too large and it doesn’t necessarily show everything).

We need more antarctican players


Pic of you and three kangaroos or it didnt happen


Or you could be doing the traditional aussie practice of walking around in what basically are pyjamas.

i mean… i’d move there if they have some good ass wifi

Another day, another map that doesn’t show my country.

EDIT 4, or “Where is Edit 3?”: After zooming in and cleaning my screen thoroughly, it turns out I am in fact on the map. This pale blue dot is me.

Brb, donating.

EDIT: I do wish so badly I could afford to donate more, but, finally having the opportunity for the first time in a long time to give back to something is rewarding as hell.

Thank you, again, for making these forums.

EDIT 2.5: I’m editing this because the last sentence I had in here I reread and I thought it was terrible.

Thank you for all you folks are doing up there, and thanks again for making these new forums for us. :ok_hand:


I was very suprised too. but why named moose if live in australia? there are no moose here :thinking:

I’m from Canada, actually. Just surprised at Australian forum representation

Plenty of moose :sunglasses:

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i know of only 4 forumers in australia: me, idmonfish, slashing winds and dragon clasher/wolffortress

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I knew we had active SEA people so Australia doesn’t surprise me. India does. owo

edit: how are you guys doing on Patreon? how much do you need to keep the forums running? (does this need to be a secret? xD )

am I the only indonesian in this forum? where the others?

Good numbers. I really like how the community is right now with its content, though it’s really a bummer that we aren’t getting the good content being heard by the rest of the community. I feel obligated to transfer my posts from the forums to reddit and vice versa just so more people can know.

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This is 100% the better forum, we just need to get everyone who isn’t already here to join.

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