Semc pushing for faster games has ruined the competitive scene

I can see why semc wants to reduce game times, it makes the game much more appealing to a casual audience and that’s what most mobile gamers are. Games on a PC moba can easily last 35 minutes and that’s too much no one is gonna play a game that lasts so long on a mobile device but 12 to 15 minutes for a 5v5 moba aren’t entertaining either, they’re not satisfying to watch. And that’s not me complaining about snowballs because snowballs are fine it’s fun to an extend to watch a team completely dominate but the issue is in how fast a snowball can lead you to victory. And the reason why snowballed games end so fast is because global objectives are just too easy to take down, they’re too vulnerable in the early game and there is way too many heroes that deal obsurd amounts of damage to objectives. So you see heroes with one or two items take down turrets in a flash such as skaarf or joule. The ghostwing buff was so unncessary, it was already a very good objective the enemy cannot fight you when you have it so it was down to you to make the best use out of it. But now the 25% objective damage is just ridiculous, it’s a teamwide buff it basically doubles your clear speed all you gotta do is group up and steamroll turrets there is nothing the enemy can do to stop it because they can’t fight since you have the barrier the buff provides. And ghoswting is so squishy as well in the early the game you get a kill in botlane and watch your rona solo it in 10 seconds. Armory barrier dissapears if there is a nerby enemy which is dumb, the barrier should stay unless there is a nerby minion wave it’s too easy to just rush down an armory and take it down.
Team Queso defeated Team Qlash in 12 minutes yesterday, the top 2 EU teams going head to head and the game ended in 12 minutes. I was expecting an epic clash between these two teams but no Queso got a gostwing at 6 minutes and won the game from there this game was disspointing and boring i turned off the stream after i watched it.


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I find most 5v5 games snowball hard now, it’s not much fun if you’re on the receiving end…

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Between the matchmaker and the unstable servers I don’t understand how the game is staying alive.

May third will bring Dungeon hunter champions and I will migrate to that game. It has graphics superior to AOV and a progression system, yes that is pay to win but im vainglory you stand still completely…

Edit: DHC is garbage lmao


Tone buff of seige damage to like 5-8%

I am pretty sure we are going to see a less than 10 min match sooner or later in this patch. Every team is regularly completing matches before 15 mins now and the opposing team stands no chance even if they have some of the best players in the world. The matches are like the games are between a soloq team of T5s vs a voice comm 5 man party T10 team, it is very painful to watch


It really is making VPL hard to watch, you can pretty much see who’s going to win by the 5 minute mark. These teams are good enough to not let go of a lead once they have one, and SEMC haven’t really put in any comeback mechanics, so once someone has an edge they just snowball it out of control.

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They should really make ghostwing harder to capture early on. And nerf the 25% structure damage.

Also one thing which I believe would help a lot is to have armories regenerate their health.

Yes respawning armories as well would be a very helpful comeback mechanic. It’s too snowball for one team to get one armory and they basically win, god forbid they get 2.

Ghostwing shouldn’t give any bonus objective damage at all, the barrier and health regen it provides is already super strong for an objective that spawns at 6 minutes not to forget that it gives 1500 gold for the team that captures it. You can’t make an objective that spawns so early so powerful because if a team gets a kill or two they’re gonna get it and basically win the game from there.


Yeah I agree it should be one or the other, and personally I think it should be more the shield than the tower damage. It differentiates win conditions between the two bosses, one dragon for lane pressure, one for fighting.


well, at least it probably wont be as bad as OWL having a team that hasnt won a single set of three in around half a year…
but i do agree that ghostwing is wayyyy too strong compared to blackclaw’s potato damage after his fire breath

What? What does that have to do with anything? (Shanghai does have issues, but their situation is their own fault and doesn’t have anything to do with the Overwatch League match format or the game itself.)

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just saying that having a team that is pretty much guaranteed to lose isnt fun or interesting to watch

Is there a team that weak in VPL? (The production quality of the first set of preseason matches was so bad I haven’t watched any since.) If so, that’s bad.

I think the main problem with VG as an esport right now is that the matches (not the teams) are pretty unexciting.


Wolves in EU (and maybe Equinox), but I mean, EU is TQ and Qlash. In NA Hammers?

I find that SEMC is really pushing this early game scaling meta which is disappointing in a moba that’s supposed to welcome all strategies. A buff to ghostwing in terms of objective clear, an early blackclaw, and armories that dictate a guaranteed push? What a joke. First off, remove that objective clear from ghostwing, the purpose of the buff from ghostwing should encourage engaging teamfights, not that + free turrets. Second off, these armories need to regenerate health. I personally wouldn’t like to copy leagues mechanic where you can revive a whole destroyed armory just for unique purposes. But I would like armories to regain health when not disturbed. This would force teams to put in the effort to take it down to end the game instead of chipping away at it little by little till it does go down. As for blackclaw, tbh I’d find it to be somewhat okay for it to land early. But these other 2 factors makes the idea seem broken. So it’s either you change one or both of these other objectives to slow the pace down a bit.


You don’t even need the kills, any jungler with a few kills can solo it as soon as it spawns.

Dungeon Hunter Champions is by Gameloft, a greedy company. They would continuously update the game if it’s successful but if it flops like HoC, they will completely abandon it.

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