SEMC just killed all small sub count content creators


Im just a vg youtuber with 260 subs and SEMC made the lowest tier requirement to get into the program 2000 subs, with a requirement to upload atleast once a week. Getting 2000 subs from a small channel is pretty hard and the program only starts to benefit big names now so rip me. I was planning to buy Yates if i recieved my ice from semc but looks like i have to buy it with my own cash now.


That’s pretty shit imo. YouTube is hard enough for CCs creating with big name titles as is, and with such an obscure game (mobile, crashing rep) it’s just going to discourage new content. I don’t see any reason for this change except that they don’t want to give away any more ICE than they absolutely have to. Even that little bit you guys will have to squeeze out of them. So sorry this happened.

Also, what’s your YT? I can’t do anything, but I’ll sub and watch if it’ll help a CC get rewarded for genuinely good content.


That’s really kind of ridiculous, imo. It looks to me like they are trying to cut down the number of people in their content creator programs, which seems like the opposite of what they should be doing for a game that’s not exactly at the top of anyone’s “must play” lists these days.

I absolutely cannot understand their marketing strategy.


Trash right here


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Wow, that honestly sucks a lot. Having 200+ subs for a VG channel is honestly pretty impressive considering how relatively small the community of players that keep up with out-of-game VG content is. Having that 2000 sub minimum and a weekly video requirement is insane


Yep so small creators cant even promote new content.


Twitch streamers have better thresholds to get in now so rip youtubers.


If they want to promote the game, basically they killed the chance of a lot of smaller channels to promote the game and killed the incentive to start a channel for vg.


The most ridiculous thing is: ICE costs them nothing. No matter how you look at it, this was FREE marketing from SEMC’s perspective.

I guess the reasoning goes as follows: People who are into content creation will keep creating, so we can as well squeeze those 2$ out of them. Or, in other terms - “Fuck you. Lol!”


I mean they fucked up every single aspect of their marketing strategy so you can’t expect much at this point lol. If they had a clue they would have focused on content creation from the get go thats how every game grows no trough rubbish ads. How many people who watched that Iphone X ad actually downloaded the game ? I am pretty sure the number is minuscule and was definitely not worth the money invested on that deal. On the other hand if they pushed content creation people who are into mobile games or into mobas would have stumbled uppon the youtube videos and twitch live streams, they would have given the game a try cause its looks cool and the game would have grown exponentially at this point


ICE doesnt mean anything (costs nothing) for the company maybe !
but it means something for the content creator , so the value here is based on us needing the ICE.

we could agree me and you that its not that reward , like it should be a bonus
like companies like epic and their free skins related to twitch prime , made people support streamers , people get free skin and dance and streamer get free money , so epic is not actually giving streamers or youtubers vbucks , they just made every single youtuber and streamer benefit real money from the game growth , high views and high subscribers numbers .

i still think anyone doing content creation for vainglory is wasting time , the game needed it more than you so you are wasting your energy for something not going to payoff , you just hope someday it going to grow .


They probably did this with the mindset thinking that they are the supreme mobile game that everyone plays so small content creators don’t matter because they are gonna feed of the “popularity.” This game gets worse and worse with every single update always fixing things that don’t need to be fixed and making them worse…


shouldn’t content creators not be making videos for the ice but making them because they enjoy it?


Wolf hands explains reasons for changes here


Well new thing= more views and subs


what new thing


Its amazing how negative the forumers can be - Friend of mine.

I simply stated “Most of us are critical about the game because we care”. OwO I care, only little tho (alot)

I keep and keep saying ways SEMC can help improve its content creators.
We have a art tab for all the artists but nothing for the streamers and youtube/whatever platform.

Back in the day, Streamers would appear on the Slideshow of news which most definitely brought awareness to the community.

Now you have to go out of your way to find content creators and if its one thing I know. Its that people LOVE convenience.

What AOV did great with is that they have a section of the app which shows all live streams. Thats legit great for the streamers (No shit Rise)

Why cant we have a section of the app dedicated to live live streams and a list of youtubers ect.

Its stuff like that that they want people to create content but they wont help in doing so.


Its also hard as f to get promoted on twitter.



SEMC: We need content creators!

SEMC’s actions: Doesnt help besides post the popular streamers.

Im not a content creator so i really cant say anything to semc but im sure you could. <3