Semc is hiring

as the title says, semc is hiring people for jobs.
Here is the link

And here is the tweet to confirm it

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Oooo looks like fun, would love to work for them but im on the East Coast ripu

This is kinda wierd since the jobs under Editorial and Tech are the jobs they laid people off for. (I. E. Sugarvenom, playoff beard, Nivmett).


And to add to the bandwagon, Its confirmed that Justin Murry is looking for jobs too…
i cri

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Not only Justin, but Tracey King and Michelle Hardy as well.


Darn it if only I knew English I would have gotten the editorial job :rage:

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i noticed their Job listing has changed since July…

I swear I saw 3 positions for game U.I. / UX designer. Either they changed it on purpose, or they got some applicants for the job.

My guess is they just changed it to better reflect the role they’re looking for.

on a unrelated note:
I’m loving Domo’s splash art of that fisherman sitting on phinn’s head, swimming through the ocean.

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