RIP VG art team


Let us pause to meditate on this moment -Lance 2016

Rip the greatest mobile moba artistes Justin and Michelle who will be missed.

I wonder if they are going to also be partimers?


Also i always wondered if Contender Arden and Enforcer Kinetic has the same splashart and they really do!!!


Press F to pay respects




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I guess now that they’ve done all the environment work that they need, they don’t need the artists anymore.


Lol game is dead. Boi bout to uninstall.


But two of the people listed work on concept art and skins, i bet they’ll only be part timers due to the fact that they only draw


I’d heard this info last week but wanted to confirm it before I said anything … I think seeing Noxii (Michelle Hardy) in the “Community” section confirms that she no longer works at SEMC.


well, i guess there was some lore planned around it. after all ardan and kinetic are connected. but we will never get to read it :frowning:


i suppose SEMC are going to take the contract route?
They contact a freelance artist, say what they want and say how much they’re willing to pay.

There’s no shortage of talented artists out there…


They’ve always done some of that: the card artwork was often (always?) contracted out, for instance. However, Michelle and Justin were two key artists responsible for the overall look of VG. Carlo/Chainsaw is still there and has always been the art director for the game, so presumably there’s still some hope that they can preserve a semblance of consistency in the game’s art style.

Edit: Didn’t mean to leave out the huge contributions from Tracey King (EvilOnTheInside), who was responsible for the Halcyon Fold maps …


Wait, PlayoffBeard has left?
Man… after finnishing the current Battle pass, maybe I should quit.
I love his stream…


Yes, he is now in EA (I think).