Secret Service (CB Early Access) coming August 12

CB Discord :point_down:


I get that they’re trying to grow their Discord, but when you have someone (1) at your web site and (2) interested enough to scroll down past the top of the page, you want to capture that person RIGHT NOW – an email signup box with a big huge “Go” button is a no-brainer. Anything that makes it harder for visitors to get information and/or get on your list of potential customers makes it FAR less likely that that you’ll convert that visitor into a customer.

SEMC in its continuing marketing brilliance, is asking people to go to their Discord (which said web site visitor may not even have installed), then find the part of the Discord where the “daily raffles” (not explained) might be, then “apply to get a spot” (again, unexplained) to possibly get early access to the game.


The chance of anyone who’s not already a serious gamer already interested in CB actually doing all of these steps is … low. I know I have been :poop:ing on SEMC’s terrible marketing dept for years, but come on … this is basic stuff.