Screen optimization for iPhone XR/11

It seems to me that UI elements (minimap in 3v3; store button; social pings, abilities level indicator) in game aren’t being fully customized to newer iPhone models. Which makes gameplay kind of awkward. Anyone else experiencing anything similar.

Edit: just sent out a request to the dev about this, hopefully they listen

Which models/screen resolutions do you mean? Do you have a screen shot to illustrate what you’re talking about?

I am also wondering as the game is optimized for the newer “notch” iphones. :thinking:

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It’s the new iPhone 11 (6.1”).
Pay attention to elements that are closer to the edge (mini-map, ping, ability level, shop button).


I’m pretty sure Apple gave developers the screen shape of the iPhone back when the iPhone X (2017) was being developed to have apps embrace/take advantage of the notch. I’ve seen in some VG update notes before that they are resizing the i game UI to fit the new iPhone X, that’s why I was a bit confused.

The photos are helpful. Putting in a support ticket was the right thing to do - hopefully they get back to you soon. FWIW, I have an XS max - same shape phone with the notch and all - but the game window during a match is sized at a narrower ratio so it’s not an issue. Out of a match it uses the whole screen (so it’s a bit obscured during the end-of-match rewards screen). I haven’t downloaded the latest software update… is there anything that lets you choose the aspect ratio of certain apps?


Yis! I’ve sent them the pictures as well when Avocado replied to my email. Currently there are no option for me to change the aspect ratio, which is weird since the iPhone XR from las year should have been optimized already… :((
Good to hear that there has been a solution for this.
Anyone has got an XR? What’s your take?

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OHHHHHH OK. Just figured out, the dev HAVE optimized for the notch of the iPhone X, so they can just resize to fit bigger form factor with later phones. HOWEVER, the bezels on the Xr/11 is a bit thicker than the X/Xs/11 Pro, which is why a little bit of the UI was was cut off on mine. There shouldn’t be any problem with your Xs at all!

Bezels aside, developers should still move some elements around to fix:

They can just move things in a little bit, or program thing the UI to be aware of and ‘dodge’ the notch.

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Actually, I just went into a practice and then a bot match to check, and it no longer resizes the in-match aspect ratio. Weird. But it does adjust the notifications and stuff to avoid the notch, so I never noticed. And again, my phone isn’t the same as yours, so hopefully they can get yours looking right.

Edit: also, do we have the same spigen case?? :rbgwen:


:open_mouth: okay I’m shook, something should be fixed for sure now.

And nuu, I’m using a review unit from Ranvoo that they’ve sent to me for free. Would you recommend Spigen cases?

The game is created for the other way around (and 99% of the ios games). Turn the phone 180 degrees so the notch is on the left side. :slight_smile:

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No :slight_smile:

IOS devs made games that display correctly no matter which side the notch is

Most, not all. Still, hope they fix it as rn the game is really semi abandoned (esp code wise).

We all are waiting for the league 2020 arrival I guess - looks great to say the least. :slight_smile: slight_smile:

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This is, unfortunately, an accurate statement. There has been little to no effort to address anything other than hero & item balance issues for several patches now.

If Wild Rift plays as good as it looks, it is going to end VG.

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It’s going to end vg for sure and significantly hurt ML + I think it will lead the start of AOV end (based on players number approximation in those said games).

I really do think it’s safe to say that LOL wild rift will be something and a polished product. Let’s hope as it’s the right MOBA to replace VG. Miss old VG 2.8 and earlier, btw - was polished to the standard of riot and fun and better suited for mobiles imho. ;(

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i have no idea why people believed semc when they said the game will be in maintenance mode , they are clearly focusing on the new game , I think they knew riot going to take over and already surrendered to them , from 5v5 release I think the new game going to be as bad and as rushed.

That’s what they meant by “maintenance mode.”

Unlikely for two reasons: (1) even if they had some kind of prescient knowledge of Riot’s plans, Wild Rift is months, maybe even a year away; (2) VG already has two competitors who are eating its lunch today

Well, that’s certainly a valid concern, imo.


Ironically, VG 2.8 pure 3vs3 was going to survive lol release. It was different and polished to the level that lol wild rift will be (from the looks of it), no reason for the people there to not play it, even if they played also lol mobile. Sadly this is long gone and I am sure that lol will blow away vg 5vs5 (and steal even those that prefer touch with it’s great joystick controls).

VG even now is almost dead… I can’t enter a match for a whole hour constantly - que, dodge, que, dodge… it’s frustrating and can’t wait lol to switch. :confused:

Throw back: saw the old VG menu and almost cried… so much better, unique, simple and polished. As the game before - unique 3vs3 and map, super mobile friendly, super high quality, super fun.


Wild Rift’s control scheme and game engine…meh. Intuitive touch control is better than joystick, and the map isn’t as detailed as VG’s. So idk why VG should worry, the dev just needs to do their job and LISTEN. But noooooo, let’s listen to white knights on Reddit.