Screen optimization for iPhone XR/11

This kind of commentary makes me laugh … literally NO ONE outside of Riot has played Wild Rift yet you’ve decided the engine is inferior to VG’s and its map is less detailed.

What even? :rofl:

Being generous, VG probably has less than 1000 simultaneous players on PC. League has 8 MILLION.

THAT is why they need to worry … if VG even survives that long.

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With all my respect, but I find this post rushed. For start not a lot of people played the game and defo noone the final first version. Excoundrel played a closed limited demo of the game and is super positive - go check the video on his channel. From there:

  1. The gfx/animations/effects/design/style looks anything but not lame, bad, unpolished or worse than VG and this is prealpha state + this is riot, I guarantee you that they will develop and improve the game with passion for years to come and they got the budget to do so without a lot of limitation. Also I guarantee you that the lol mobile game will have a massive player base that will most likely rival the PC game or even surpass it.
  2. The controls are build and optimized from the start to be joystick. I bet they will feel great, this is not VG joystick controls slapped there just to have them or ML class of production (and the controls there are ok). Excoundrel said they really felt good. Also all my respect and I also love touch controls, but:
  3. Phones nowdays are HUGE screens and nothing like when VG released or even years after that! Playing touch controls on 6+ inch screen and with slimmer bezels we really are pushing towards 7 inch screen - is a pain! You have trouble to reach parts of the screen if you hold it, not to mention that even with the stretch to reach you can hold it only in certain ways to do so. No, I have actually long fingers and this problem is nothing new.

Joystick controls literally don’t have that problem and also you don’t block your view with your fingers. You can also play while in the bed with the phone in any position. It just asks for less effort, less stress on your hands, less blocking of the screen for a similar level of control over what you are doing when the game is born with the intent to have joystick control and to have a good one.

VG is long pass the point of return even with 2-3 millions injection into the game, btw. Everyone with clear sense, research and sources will know that. Even without lol mobile, VG will surely die and is already a not fun experience due to bad systems (dodge), small player base and trolls that are not punished AT ALL (had a player that was in 7 drafts in a row, 4 on my side so I am sure about it. Didn’t type, didn’t mark position, didn’t answer after he was asked why he do it and just waited the timer to run out. Lost 1h of my life and WAS NOT punished!).

Loved the game with peak at 2.8, but as harsh as it sounds - they destroyed it with their decisions after that point that was not only chaotic, but honestly out of touch with what the current player needs. Also 5vs5 was rushed, they slapped the 3vs3 into it without changes except numbers, is uninspiring and copy of the other MOBAS and the map details/feel/design nothing like the original fold.

Right now it’s ok game if we exclude that I can’t play a single game for 1h que and dodge cycle (and if someone thinks this is ok for ANY game on ANY platform - :smiley: ). Saying that, I will not get delusional to talk how VG got a future, how SEMC can do anything about it and how LOL will not blow out the competition and down the road even shrink big time ML, i.e. hurt them bad, really bad. The other MOBAS will die quite quick. Even from the leaked main menu it’s obvious that they aim for PC like premium and polished experience not just another ML money grab PC clone game.

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What a disrespectful way to start a discussions. Even you haven’t played it yet so I don’t think nether of us has the better idea here. Yes, VG’s future WILL be moderately affected, but only to a certain degree.
1- Control Scheme:I sticked to VG because of the control scheme. I can’t see the in-game UI but from the joy stick control I don’t think it can be as precise, no matter how good joystick can get. There also seems to be some kind of aim bot (or just a massive increase in hit box size) if you look at the trailer (not Ashe’s ult but Jinx’s and Camille’s abilities). Don’t know how that’s gonna help competitive play…

2- Design: Even Leagues player moving into VG has said the map looked better (on the Rise and especially on the Fold). It has its own vibe, it looks polished. Leagues map has been the same way since idk 2014 when they had that remake. Still the same green, larger than life vibe.

  1. Game Engine: Looks like the game engine WONT be build from scratch as it takes about 2-3 years to do so (like VG from Kindred days). All game models and code seems to be ran through Apple’s UI Kit to be ‘downsized and fitted’ into IOS devices (as it would likely be released on iOS first). This results in bad graphics, especially if they transferred old models (looking at Fizz and Nami).

  2. The real game’s not gonna be that different from the trailer. Riot’s job in the next month until release it’s gonna be: 1. Design and Test the players UI. 2. Balance the champions as the pool is much smaller now. 3. Sending it to Apples team to get it approved (which takes a 1 or more for new games). 4. Send the beta out for tester (and do some polishing). At this point (today’s speaking) Riots not gonna make huge changes to the 3 core elements I’ve just said. So I cannot give the benefit of the doubt saying the end result will be better than the trailer…

Lighten up, Francis.

If you think VG will survive the release of Wild Rift, I don’t think we’re going to agree on much.

I’m not going to pick apart the rest of your post, as it’s simply your opinion. I don’t think you understand software development, though.

You seem to have missed the important point that the game isn’t due out until sometime in 2020.

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Yea. Coming from a person who literally have put down accounts for making jokes, I don’t think ‘lighten up Francis’ will do Rebecca.

Yes, I agree, I dont know much about programming but i know enough about games development and how hard it is to implement real touch control. Hence why I’m disappointed that Riot cant seem to pull that off.

Developers only release a trailer or announcement once they know that the product is 90% done OR good enough to be showed off to critics. That is when they call in on shareholders, so the final products would be released 3-4 months after that.

This comment pretty much explains it:

Well, that post is going to earn you a suspension.

Fwiw, quoting nonsense from other uninformed people on Reddit will never win you any arguments.

That said, it’s already been stated numerous times that Riot and the AoV team are NOT sharing code. Or models. Or art.

Going to set a timer on this topic, as I think it’s run its course. Unless anyone has anything to add, it’ll be closed later today.

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