S9+ rounded display

Picking up the S9+ tomorrow. Will the rounded display affect my game play?

I have a s7 so I’ve never had that type of display before.

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Interested in this as well. Is the curved edge really a good thing to have?

From reading up on the previous edge phones you shouldn’t have much problem with it though it might take you a little bit to fully get use to it

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I recall reading a few threads on this, and while I have no first-hand experience, the consensus seemed to be that if you use a case on your smartphone, the rounded edge is basically lost screen space (for gaming).

'makes sense, too, as most cases reach above the glass in some fashion, so they can prevent damage, should it drop on the… wait for it… edge. :confounded:

I’d be interested in reading @SE7EN7s opinion, after he had the chance to play a few matches. Last time I opted against a curved display, but there’s always a next time (until there isn’t).

Can you share your experience as I will soon move from S7 edge to S9+ and am interested mainly on VG.

As for your question, I think you will be just fine. Never had any issue in any game on my curved edge and s7e got even more curve into the display vs s9+. :slight_smile:

Ah, someone with hands-on experience!

Do you use a case on the S7E? And if so, how do you feel about tapping stuff on the lower (and upper) edge of the screen? (That’s where active items are for me; never switched to the other layout.)

I use it naked from 1.5 years. Depends on the case, some are perfectly fine for reaching at the edges. Naked is like a normal flat phone in that regard and never had gaming problems due to the curves. You will be just fine. :slight_smile:

I’d love to know this, too. I’ve been heavily debating going away from iPhone, and my next phone was going to be S9+, Note or the RAZER phone.

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I’m rather attached to cases… and as things in my vincinity have an increased likelihood of encountering the violent forces of gravity, I should probably stick with them. :sweat_smile:

If you are looking for other alternatives still, getting a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 from a reputable vendor might save you quite a bit of money for similar performance.

I mean, not that money seems to be an issue, in your case - but you could get one for yourself and one for me, and still have cash left over to order a pizza.


Where I come from, unfortunately, we don’t get those phones here. Ordering one in would cost more than what we already have. That being said, we don’t get the new Razer phone here either so that knocks that one from my list. :man_shrugging:

Though we can still get pizza.


The case doesnt do much actually, curved screen gaming is not the best either. Normally holding the phone without a case means youll be touching the edge alot, so its better with a case. There isnt much lost screen either id say. I have a s8 and i sometimes play vg on it. It works fine and looks nice.

One more thing, playing from the bed is a no go. Maybe with a case it will be better, but otherwise it’s a no go. To play VG you will need to sit on the bed edge. This goes also for using the phone in bed in general, it’s not confy, your hands will hurt in no time.

I will let everyone know tomorrow. It’s on it’s way to my work right now. Should have it by 3pm. I’ll play for the night and let everyone know.

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Thanks! I will really appreciate feedback for smoothness in heavy fights with 10 wolfs spawned ahha Don’t forget to set the resolution up as it defaults to fullhd… personally I can see the difference and it’s sharper on the higher one. For the edges, tbh some say it is not that great for gaming, I was concerned too before I buy the s7e, but at the end never had a single problem. Even on emulators with virtual joystick, start button and so on down on the edge. And s9 plus has a less edge + the display actually doesn’t go to the edge itself (to min accident touches, smart move imho)… so yeah, you will have a good time. :slight_smile:

Would like to hear your opinion on the speakers too.

Exynos or sd variant?

Using Note 8. Rounded display is not at all an issue.

I have a lot to add already but I’m going to save it.

I just went and had a Zagg screen protector applied and it’s not sticking along the sides. One is a 1" wide. all the way down the side of the phone.
. They said to come back and they will try another one. Should I just get my money back? I had issues with the Zagg S7 glass as well.

OK, so theres no need to wait. The S9+ has the best gfx I’ve ever seen for Vainglory. Everything runs super smooth. The speaker is insanely loud, probably 3 times louder than a S7. I am absolutely blown away by the performance. Using Exynos. The benchmark rating is out of this world. I took screenshots of specs.


S9+ As an overall phone should be good, as someone who used to use the galaxy line and have many friends who do i can say its a very good line of phones. No clue how the edge will play out with VG though :l hopefully someone ha some input on that (havent finished reading the thread)

The RAZER line i hear is good but the thing is that RAZER is new to the phone industry, yes they are dedicated to gaming as always but the phone may end up lacking in many departments, plus it is still fairly new so cant really judge on it as a long lasting phone. It would most definitely be good for VG if that all you care about

As a cheaper end recommendation but not sacrificing quality I say you should check out the One Plus line of phones, these guys make flagship quality phones for half the price. Would work well as a daily phone and for VG.

Side note: You can also check out the Asus brand of devices, those guys somehow grab every bit of juice from their devices IMO, their downside though is they arent to keen on supporting on devices and will fairly early on stop sending out O.S. updates

Here is who to avoid:
All sony devices: I currently am running on a Sony Xperia line phone the VG experience is awful, my device overheats like crazy and the bulky phone just doesnt sit well in the hand (My friend & my brother had similiar experiences w/o VG)
Prepaid device brands: Though i cant name any specifically there were some knock off galaxy brand a friend of mine bought, ran VG (barely) and then its wifi antenna burned out
Just saying Dont risk it

Hope my input helps out a bit

How is the speakers quality and bass?

Also how many minutes you play for 1% drop of battery, i.e. how is the battery life? On my s7e on highest settings I can go for 3h and a half 5vs5 and 4:30 3vs3.

Also the phone is really a great device, tho it can be hard to find the right screen protector because of the edges and it will cost a lot. I would use it naked, but this is calculated risk (I am really careful with my phones and for like 15 years got 2-3 major drops and no broken phone).