RWBY Vol 6

For the RWBY fans here – This season has been amazing so far, and today’s episode (#9) was the best yet! I won’t say anything more because I know that some of you aren’t FIRST members and will have to wait a week to watch it … but if you have FIRST, go watch it now! :thumbs3:

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I know I’ll get some biased answers, but is it worth watching RWBY? I’ve had some interest in getting into it after playing Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, but I never really bothered doing so. Partially because the game made me have a slight dislike for Ruby due to her complete brokenness and my refusal to abuse it

Other than Evangelion, I’ve not watched any anime-type series until RWBY, so I don’t have any way to compare it to anything similar. That said, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE RWBY and would highly recommend it to pretty much anyone.

I’m trying to resist going into more detail than anyone could possibly care about regarding my reasons, so I’ll just end this post here. :wink:

Alright, I’ll probably watch it soon. I’ve had a lot of free time lately (mainly due to the holidays) and I haven’t had much to watch.

My advice regarding how to watch RWBY:

  • Watch all 4 trailers (Red, White, Black, Yellow) before starting the series. The events in the trailers take place prior to the first episode and are referenced later in the series itself.
  • The best way to watch Volumes 1 & 2 is to binge-watch each volume. They are also the most light-hearted of the entire series and are easy to sit through and enjoy.
  • It’s ok to binge-watch Volume 3 up to the halfway point. After that, don’t watch the end of Volume 3 without allowing time to start Volume 4 … trust me on this.
  • The story in Volumes 4 & 5 gets more complex, so you’ll probably end up NOT binge-watching those. (I did, but I was already obsessed by then.)
  • And as I said above, Volume 6 is superb so far!

Holy crap, RT have topped themselves again … Episode 10 is even better than last week’s! Non-FIRST members will have to wait till Saturday to see it, but trust me, it’s worth the wait!

Small spoiler - my favorite scene

Omg, my bees! Yay!!!

Lol just saw you edit that constantly, so that’s what it’s like to see something being edited. You really like that ship a lot don’t you
Even more excited now to see the episode when it’s available.

I liked Yang immediately, but I really fell for her during Volume 3. Blake is my daughter’s fave, so I found her interesting as well. When their relationship started getting more attention in Volume 3 and later – and especially as we learned how much Blake meant to Yang, I was all-in on the two of them!

Re: editing – yeah, I couldn’t get the emoji to line up properly for some reason, so I just ended up removing them. Lol

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Aw cute father daughter bonding a bit through rwby

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I decided to actually take you up on that recommendation and I started watching it. Only got through vol. 1 so far but I’m enjoying it. I find the inconsistency between episode lengths a little weird, but understandable as it doesn’t force them into meeting time limits by either adding unnecessary filler or removing content.
On a side note, I forgot that RWBY music was so good. Honestly a little glad that I preordered my copy of BBTAG for the free mini soundtrack because the Ruby and Weiss mixes from the game are great

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Yeah, totally agree about the music! All 5 albums have been pretty much on constant repeat for the last few weeks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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TOTALLY can’t say ANYTHING about today’s episode (#11) of Volume 6 (because literally anything I could say would be a major spoiler) … except that my heart was pounding during the entire thing! :open_mouth:

What an absolutely marvelous job Miles and Kerry have done with the writing this season!

Just gonna leave this here … :honeybee::honeybee:

This volume is everything I would’ve asked for and more from RWBY.


Okay, today’s episode was worth the excruciating 7 day wait since the last one!

I need to make a new profile card background again!!!

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Man. That “Oh…”

I hope this is for good this time, I’d actually be disapointed if they end up pulling a revival a la Cinder here too.

Warning: Episode 12 Spoiler!

Nah, he’s gone for good. His arc is complete – there was nothing left of him but obsession, jealousy, and spite. And a fitting end for him it was, too.

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Had to share this image because it’s just too damn awesome – God, I love Yang!


I’ve got lots more from yesterday’s episode but won’t post them because … spoilers!

One day till the season finale of Volume 6!

So what’re planning on doing now that vol 6 is about to finish? wait for vol 7, I’m assuming?