Rumble and Me

I really like playing Rumble. It gives me that MOBA fix I want in a short and sweet package.

The thought of not having to play for more than 10 to 12 minutes is relieving, not only for my stress levels and impatience, but also my phone’s battery life, heh.

To be honest, Rumble fits what I’ve always dreamed about when I was looking for alternatives to League on a mobile platform. It’s 5v5, looks stunning, heroes are mostly nice to play as and with, and it’s short.

It isn’t without its flaws however. Some of them range from poor matchmaking at odd hours (that’s true for any live service game really), poor rewards (like, 18+ Glory is not gonna cut it if you don’t do Chests Quests. Luckily, Rumble counts towards some Chest Quests that other Brawl modes never did) and at times one hit wonder wins with a Kraken push (less prominent now and it is possible to stop it before it kills the choke turret depending on the team composition).

Still, I love it. Keeps me entertain and playing Vainglory.

Rumble also enables me to bring out the heroes I play best with, those being Varya and Vox for the carry role, and Lyra in the Captain role.

A surprising addition to my frequently used heroes is probably Churnwalker. I never really like his base and skin design, and his kit is annoying to play if I’m innaccurate with my shots and he is annoying to fight against as an enemy.

However, after a few games where my team really needed just one person to peel, teammates driving me mad with their attitude, and getting mauled by a Vainglorious Bronze Churnwalker the other night; I decided to embrace the madness and be one with the Churn.

Needless to say, it worked wonders. He really is one Captain whose mere presence (and with a hook embedded in his enemies) can drive people into a corner.

I hope the upcoming parches improve somethings for Rumble if not boost the end of match rewards a little bit to entice more players to play it.

So what’s your experience with Rumble? Or have you not played it? Give it a try if you haven’t!

I would love to hear what others experiences and what they have to say about Rumble.

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Quite a bit of discussion about the mode here.

It really is an awesome mode. I’d love to do a private 5v5 of it with some of you all some time. It’d be so fun! I think it has potential for some real competitive play. While mega Helga certainly helps improve the pace or the game, I think the game is lasting 15 min top in most cases without her being so insane due to the small map for a 10 player game. There are going to be aces. Going to be kills. It’ll move fast. Just nerf Helga a bit.

I decided to play rumble for the first time m maybe second I don’t remember , first toxic draft chat , then one of our teammates start putting mines everywhere until my game lagged out , did they fix the mines numbers on the game or is this guy exploiting the mines numbers to lag the game for everyone , my device acted weird and things were bad and my team was struggling , I have no idea what happened but I think Iam not going to touch that mess again .