Rumble Mode


Omg, this is so much fun! 5v5 on the Halcyon Fold!

I was Magnus on the blue team, FYI. Predictably, our Baron (two stars) was whiny and made numerous salty pings when things didn’t go our way at points in the match. Fortunately, everyone ignored him, didn’t give up, and we won anyway. :+1:t3:


As this mode seemed pretty pointless to me to play normally I got some friends and of course we did Phinn, Lance, Churnwalker, Grace comps. So I really loved it but let’s just say our enemies spent more time in queue than they did UNstunned in-game. That’s sooo toxic and I love it. CC comps are the best thing ever in VC parties.


My second match was also a blast, though we lost at the last second because the other team rushed our base while Helga was destroying their vain turrets. I pinged everyone to come back to our base to defend it, but only 2 people did, and we got overwhelmed. Oh well, fun anyway!


Rumble is fun. No RNG. No talents to be found. It’s what I wish Blitz was.


Yeah we lost one game too even though we had like 4 times their kills. Apparently 4 CC tanks without damage items can’t stop a Kraken, who would’ve thought? That’s the one thing I dislike in this mode. Kraken is waaaaay too strong. Jokes aside it’s really damn tanky even for people who build damage. It can take like 4 turrets in one push. In my opinion it’s much more fun to just fight without it.


Broken mode. Whichever team has the most CC basically wins.

Hard pass.


I think that’s the point: all CC can still lose if the other team gets Helga going.

Also, @NerfElfPls, totally disagree, at least based on the 6 matches I’ve played so far.

One thing I’ve noticed in the last two matches I’ve played, though, is that the matchmaking seems … questionable. Who knows what MMR they’re using, though.


But the thing is that thing pushes so hard and is almost immortal. Not only if you have CC comp. It just refuses to die. I think it’s a bit too much.


You’re guaranteed to lose a couple of turrets, but in most of my matches, both teams have stopped her – twice, in one of the matches. Granted, most of my matches have been carry-heavy; I can’t see a tank comp being able to do it.

That said, I’d prefer the last two turrets to be a little tougher than they are. But maybe it’s so the matches end at about 10 minutes instead of going on forever.


I played 4 matches.
1st and 4th ended up force surrender (apparently you only need 3 votes for surrender to happen even if you refuse)
Won the 3rd match (was fun too), their team had one AFK
Lost the 2nd one against a beefy grumpjaw and our team had one AFK.
While i didnt like the one we had before but this one was fun, more on the side that you can pick your heroes to avoid a one way match

Lastly event tab seems to be bugged
It says purchase failed whenever i try to collect the event sunlight.


Havent played it yet but i assume it has the same meta as 5v5 or am i wrong? Or maybe more emphasis on teamfight comps so aoe damagers like magnus, high utility carries like silvernail, and roamers like phinn churn lorelai.


Just played Rumble non stop for 3 hours tonight with my guild. Best mode yet! Vainglory finally is so much fun than it was first released.


totally agree, Vox and Magnus always on my team.


It seems people are forgetting about the captain of teamkilling Churnwalker.

Limited space and heros like CP Vox, Varya, Magnus, and himself makes it a nightmare


Eh, played a few and got bored already. Matchmaking quality is also pretty bad but thats pretty much expected. Cant really tell who exactly is good because all my matches are one sided and end under 7 mins. I guess magnus, anka, churn, and the other meta picks are good.

Things to note i guess: Jungle spawns at 35 secs, shop spawns at 2.30 without any announcement, minion miners spawn at 3.30 mins i think. Not sure when kraken spawns.


@hazeleyes how did you even manage to have a 17 min match the game ends so quickly ree


Here’s another one from last night – 14 minutes, and a pitched battle till the very last moment. (No turrets left for either side, as you can see!)

I’ve only had one completely lopsided match in Rumble. The rest have been like these examples – lots of fun! Maybe it’s the tier I’m playing at, which is much lower than most of you folks.


Here are my first and probably also last 4 matches. This would probably be more fun in privates with more balanced players. First world problems rip.


I just finished 4 straight Rumble matches … all 4 were blowouts (we got crushed in the first one, then my teams won the next three in under 9 minutes each). I was solo in all of them, no idea about teammates or opponents.

Sooo, hard to say what’s going to be typical. The wins were fun, but the 14 minute wars were MORE fun, imo, even when I lost.


I agree, I usually stop playing after a couple of losses but the mode is really fun compared to every other mode.

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