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No, krul was nerfed because was busted in 3v3, in 5v5 he has been struggling in almost all updates. Rona was nerfed at the start of 5v5. Rona is shit in 3v3.


I meant if they good in 5v5 that makes them good on 3v3 too , man I remember krul was picked in every game before he got nerfed in 5v5 , Iam not complaining because I hate krul in 3v3 because I used to play reim that time .

I disagree Rona never be op "free elo " hero
She have only 52%wr when 5vs5 drop and that time thier a lot of heroes better than her malane Tony phin with 60%wr vayra .

This game :poop: I never happy with Rona state always destroy her

She most Oppressed hero I ever seen

I play 2000 games Rona and I play since she come outs

Only patch when Rona good
When she comes out until 1.13

Then she was forgotten until 5vs5
Only 4 patches she was good
Then she forgotten again

Nope not true. She got hit with back to back nerfs from 2.9 to 3.3.

Even the Dev Comment on the 2.9 that Nivmett had made, labeled her as a Powerhouse.

2.7 to 2.8 is where she was one of the strong junglers though.

I cant remember anything around/past 2.5 cuz thats where it starts to get mushy and hazy.

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Nope she good at beginning of 5vs5

2.9 she was op in blitz coz her rar talent give bouns 40%wp

She was good in 3.0 to 3.4 and many streamers like l3on play her but after 3.4 she was forgotten she out of meta

Well yes. She was good from 2.7 to 3.2 until all the nerfs combined eventually killed her.

I was just saying that you said she wasn’t good until 3.0 which simply isnt true.

Well 2.7-3.0 she not that bad you can call her B tier or B+
but before she was c tier

broken myth tier list always list Rona as worst jgl from 1.13-2.7 you can check that

Most melee heroes in this game should be played as assassins when they want to actually get a kill. Bruising is not meant for killing, or at least killing fast, hence people complain about the bruiser problem when they’re trying to get kills with a bruiser instead of bruise, and somehow it is a hero problem to them, when in reality they are trying to do something with a hero that it isn’t meant for and wondering why it isn’t effective.

Take Rona for example. Whenever I play her, I don’t join a fight or initiate unless someone else has done enough dmg for me to get in, kill, and get out, or I know I have enough power to close the fight out or severely damage an enemy before the enemy can do serious dmg to me. That might sound like an assassin style play, but here’s the thing: a bruiser is a defensive warrior inherently, needing to take hits as well as dish them out, but most people don’t build suitable defense on Rona.

Rona has historically been built like an assassin but people still call her a bruiser. She was never a bruiser. At least not when she was effective by herself. The only times Rona has been a bruiser is when she wasn’t getting any kills but of course people don’t like that.

As for the design argument, I don’t think it’s bad design because that would be like saying captains not being able to get kills on their own without a struggle is bad design. Bruisers aren’t supposed to be getting kills on their own without a struggle and it seems like people just ignore that when they discuss them.

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Well of course. But the problem with Vainglory is that if you go tanky, you wont deal damage which leads to one problem. And vise versa with going full damage.


You really cant get both ways with the items that VG has, that can give you the Bruiser path. You wont have enough damage to deal damage and you wont be fully tanky if you don’t build enough tank stats.


Thats why LoL is superior when it comes to hero classes because the long list of items they have suit any class along with the path.

And Ive been wanting this since way back, I think last year, because it would help solve some of the problems that some heros have. (Rona, Saw, and maybe even Petal)

Just look at this LoL item finder. Mostly any combination and you’ll find a item with stats that benefit some class

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When people start with those “tactics”… I find it really entertaining that you as rona that should tank dmg in the front line while your bot/mid deals the dmg, you stay “hiding” in the backs and waiting for “free kills” (someone else did the most dmg and you just get the bounty (the best part, as I think it’s safe to say that the bot/mid that do the dmg needs that more than you) and the stats). Can go on and on about the other parts of your post, but if you play like that in t10 - you play it wrong (in the meaning of: to win and not get your teammates angry and for a good reason angry).

Not that picking rona in t10 is a good pick as start. :slight_smile:

Also rona was exactly a bruiser in 3vs3, but won’t start a discussion about that as it’s entirely diff topic for different mode/times.


Lol don’t misunderstand me. I don’t mean I’m literally one of those people that sits back the whole time. I dart in with my A and B to get a few hits off if I can, then leave. And I don’t usually wait for someone else to do the most damage either, I actually usually do the most dmg, but I might wait until the enemy is chipped down just enough that one good combo can take them down without me getting hurt too bad, or wait until they’re between abilities. I don’t wait for free kills. I don’t sit there and just tank damage either because Rona has no damage reduction neither does she have a large enough health pool or high enough base defenses to do so.

Also @VaKTaBi when I said historically I meant historically, meaning in the past when she was considered great or op, which was usually when people were running crit builds and att speed.

Generally speaking I think all fortified health heroes suffer more than their damage reduction counterparts, not to mention rona only gets fort health from her ult, where someone like reim gets it more often. It’s why heroes like grump, reim, wp grace, wp lance, even joule, can actually bruise. I think her problem is one, that she should actually have even more base health, and two that fort health should be slightly more impactful in general. Not to say it’s not in an ok spot generally now.

Side note: I almost always play casual games now so idk what ranks I’m playing against.

And also @cha0z funny you mention the waiting for kills. I just had a guy accuse me of that the other day while he rushed headlong into 1v3s and refused to wait for either me or the other teamate to teamfight. Funniest part was the end of a match where he got down to a sliver of health because of just that, but chipped an enemy down to 3/4th health. I ran in, after respawn, finished that enemy off, got a double kill, told him his attitude was toxic and banned him. Mind you i think i got the most kills and someone other than him got the most assists. Tells you something.

Rona was the strongest when she was unlikable and stacking BP stacks like no tomorrow: SM BP SS. :slight_smile:

As for how you play, this is up to you and I won’t comment further nor you need to explain it. In t10 what you do is insta lose as they will focus your carries and kill them while you decide when to go in and out. Hey, you will have great stats tho. :slight_smile:

Edit: I am just commenting on what you said, didn’t play with/against you and dunno what relation my comment carry to your experience in that game with that player.

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Well yeah that’s when she was strongest but she still wasn’t played like a bruiser. I can’t call that bruising. She was just…unkillable lol. That wasn’t even a playstyle, it was just broken. The same way wp lance was a little while ago.

Also if someone focuses my carry I just focus them and let my carry retreat. Usually when they decide to try to focus my carry is exactly when I jump in lol.

Do you even know the difference between an assassin and a bruiser? She was killable and not broken, but surely OP/S tier and totally a bruiser. :slight_smile:


Well I thought you were talking about a specific time when she was doing so much dmg and gaining so much health that she was basically unkillable if she hopped on your team, and all she had to do was literally chase you and AA or spin you and you died no matter what you did because you couldn’t outdamage her in time or escape her leaping onto you . I forget what patch this was exactly but it was a while ago. It’s not like that anymore. I forget if the defense items were stronger then too or if she had better defense or fort health or what but she was nearly unkillable then. I mean ganking a whole team while under turret fire unkillable. Then still destroying the turret.

At that time only ranged cp heroes did well against her, even krul got smacked down half the time unless snowballed.

I play the game from VG release on android and I played quite a lot of rona. You are starting to change the direction of the topic to a specific cases and subjective things, i.e. skill. Yes, if you take a really good player using OP/s-tier hero, you will not kill him and die like no tomorrow. I am telling you where she was and what she was (a bruiser, a really strong one in her best times).

“I mean ganking a whole team while under turret fire unkillable. Then still destroying the turret.”
Would love to show me a video of that in a fair match and full HP team/turret and competent players that does not stay in rona’s ult - all 3 of them. This is another subjective example.

Stopping to discuss that here as you have your own opinion about her and that’s fine, I just expressed mine.


This is not historically. Historically Rona has been build with SM BP SS, other thing is that at certain points her build changed.

Reim can hardly bruise.

It’s bruising: sustaining and dealing damage is bruising.
What you said is like: instakilling is not bursting, is just instakill.

Fair warning: all these Rona posts are about to get moved to a new topic :unamused: