Reza's damage is quite inconsistent and his playstyle is kinda weird

Tbh, I ain’t a good Reza player. I saw in some YouTube clips that in those clips, his damage was straight up AF so I bought him and when I played with him, sometimes his damage was just insane but sometimes the damage was non-existent. It’s still the same now. And also, his playstyle is weird. He’s made as a mage-assasin hybrid but he doesn’t have the consistent insane damage of an assasin nor the damaging poke of a mage and most important of all, he is fire character but he doesn’t have base burning capability. All of these things make Reza kinda UP but I don’t know why people are calling him OP. Just tell me why?

Because of his mobility damage and an ultrasound that let’s him dodge damage
Just because you can’t play him doesn’t mean he’s not good


Reza’s playstyle seems to be like Adaigo when playing him as carry. You ability attack and repeat to utilize his skill which is pretty much modified adaigo

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i usually stick to the recommended build. Then, it’s all about mechanical skill.

Also knowing when to dive a hero is very important - it’s always important, but even more so using Reza.

Farming up fast is another crucial key point in Getting Reza to hit his power spikes.

and Finally, you really need to follow through with your attacks when you use abilities, to benefit from his perk and also AS, SC.

This thread is proof Reza needs a spotlight.


Honestly there shouldn’t be a hero ever released without one


Read his post, he’s asking a question. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions.
All that stuff in-between is just his experience while playing him.

Making insulting comments while not even trying to understand is really not in the spirit of the forums.


They talked about spotlight in dev dialogue on discord yesterday. All the devs had a good laugh when REZA SPOTLIGHT WHEN? was asked.

They said many things but finally settled on something like “We’ll do it someday, we intend to change the format of the Hero spotlights in the future. Maybe we’ll use Reza to showcase the changed format”


It’s strange since sometimes I didn’t perform a combo and I looked around and my target was dead but sometimes I did perform a combo and the target only took a scratch

That’s just bad humor. All heroes must have a spotlight pre-release. If SEMC didn’t plan to somehow rework Reza, they must release the spotlight pre-Reza’s release

Does anyone else build SC on reza? I feel that his farm is pathetic without it but most people just go straight up AS+BM combo

His farm is pathetic but the SC seems to perform more pathetically in combat imho

But the problem is Adagio has high substain while Reza doesn’t and the inconsistent damage is very frustrating.

As my reply for imanoob, sometimes I did perform a combo and the target was still alive and the opposite

reza has multiple playstyles. you can use firestarter ona squishy hero and then go all in with troibkle maker. or you can use scorcher on a tanky hero and attack them then use trouble make to escape and continue, slowly getting rid of their health. you build should be something along the lines of as, bm, cw, and sf

His damage really gets low when enemies build armor . So you’ll need pierce damage… this can be achieved a few ways… BM… OR… go TB… for the triple threat item combo as discussed in - TB AS SC a build that should not be

The items he needs is really gold hungry.
That’s why i usually go Jungle Reza.
In lane, he’s very vulnerable to attacks, but if you do lane, always max his A first.

I used to do the A-B-AA-B-AA combo but they just don’t die.

I always go Reza Jungle, never lane before.

then don’t do that
just use your a and aa and then get awya until you can do it again. try de against tanky mane

Then A-Boots-AA-B-AA-A-AA-B-AA amirite

And btw, are you learning Gatorrian (Gattorex’s language)?