Release of 5v5 Was Meh?

So its a few weeks into 5v5 and I’ve realized something. The release of one of VG’s biggest milestones came with literally nothing. We got no special 5v5 event (Reza v Gwen doesn’t count), no free stuff, no super cool stuff. It kinda feels like the devs kinda forgot that we haven’t had 5v5 for the year they were creating it, and just plopped it onto the servers. Even talents had a bigger event than 5v5, and we all know how well talents are recieved… The release of 5v5 just doesn’t feel that special to me.
For an event as large as the release of 5v5, I feel like they should have done some sort of huge event in game. Even a quest over 3.0 like win 50 5v5 games would have been a great. Instead we got probably the biggest gamemode for VG with a kinda meh event. Idk, it just seems like they should have done a bit more to make 5v5 even better.
EDIT: This is 3.0, and no, I’m not complaining about not getting free stuff


I got 6 legendary skins…


how… unless it was from 2.12…


The early access / golden ticket was this.

Free LE gold Lance skin, and free blueprints via skin system overhaul.

Aside from 5v5?

Without detracting from what you feel regarding the release of 5v5, it was actually quite a big event for Vainglory and its community. Leading up to 5v5, wherever I personally went regarding VG, it had a huge presence of 5v5, and eagerness was certainly abundant.

Based on what you’ve said in your post, and not to be rude - it sounds as if “special to you” meant free stuff, which would have been nice for everyone, but we did get a lot of free stuff. I’m sorry you might have missed out on some of it.


No, that was 2.12 tho
I’m talking about 3.0. 5v5 is amazing, but it didn’t really feel like it was super awesomely introduced. There is no super memorable event or anything, only CNY stuff. Like they kinda just put 5v5 in the game and left it at that. When I say special stuff, I mean like a super cool event or anything tangible. Like maybe a cool cosmetic, or a dev tournament or something, like a 5v5 Release Event.

You might want to make that clear in your post. As for the rest of your reply, yes, they did have an event, which was a pre-release party hosted in California - there was an email sent out as an invite. In-game event was the 2 week beta. There is a cosmetic, it is the LE Lance skin. They had a tournament at the pre-release party.

If you’re talking strictly that there was nothing cool that I got for 3.0, then, I’m not sure how to comfort you. Everything they did to hype up 5v5’s official public release was done preemptively, to help build hype for the full release. Saying they “kinda just put 5v5 in the game and left it at that” is pretty far from fact.

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Ohh somebody complaining about a free game… not giving you free stuff??? Man screw SEMC

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ffs im not complaing about free stuff
im complaining about how there was no in game event to make 5v5 extra hype
like in Hearthstone, whenever an expansion is released, there are events, which although they do give free stuff, make the expansion even better
if 5v5 did come out with a special 5v5 event, that would make it a whole lot more fun

I think all the hype an event stuff they did to hype 5v5 before the release was fine. Think during 5v5s release they were probably a lot more focused on making sure it ran smoothly and didn’t want to have what sometimes happened in the past were when there was an event or just new patch a problem came a long that hindered the event/players ability to play.

To me I don’t really see it as important to have some grande event for a mode that will forever be present in the game for like the first weeks/month. All that happened before hand was enough, though some of it could’ve been handled better. If it’s to get people more hyped and hooked to play vg more, if they don’t like the gameplay then an event isn’t going to save them much


yeah, i agree, but 5v5 would have been so much cooler if it came with something else…
a new event like i said before, but something else new would have been cool too, like some more UI changes, reworks, stuff like that

yes, it is not making huge impact as predicted. friends only play couple of games then go back playing ML/ AOV/ mobile PUBG.

I agree that it didn’t feel explosive on release.
The real explosion was, I think, at the reveal in December. The community was super hyped at that point.
But after a couple months of 5v5 YouTube videos and Twitch streams from alpha testers like Flash, the excitement and novelty died out.
By the time of the official release, it felt like 5v5 had actually been out for months.

But there is still a slow burn.
In the past few days, there has been tons of media coverage of Vainglory.
And when esports tournaments go to 5v5, that will reignite the fire.

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I think this is on point. I think the interval between the announcement at Worlds and the actual release was about as short as anyone could reasonably expect for such a huge change to the game. However, the hype from Worlds naturally died down as the the weeks went by, and then their marketing folks created major self-inflicted wounds with the Golden Ticket fiasco and with the botched response to the uproar. When 3.0 was finally released, I think it was difficult for marketing to regain the momentum that they’d had a couple months earlier.


That pre release party was a giant slap in the face for the entire community.

Pay to play prerelease and then a party to celebrate that 80% of the community was pushed aside…

I’d rather have the current event where I did nothing and got a free skin than have to play 50 5v5 games


So like the prelaunch party and stream then?

Honestly they have been launching 3.0 for like 3 months now - its all been building up to this.


Yeah, I wish the prelaunch party was available for more people tho :confused:

It was available to anyone that RSVP’d, iirc.

yeah, but not everyone has the time/money to travel to California for the 5v5 party…

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Yes. I don’t live in America so the party wasn’t available to me, either. But that doesn’t exactly validate your complaints. If you knew you couldn’t make it, that’s kind of on you.

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