Reimagined Tier 3 Alpha (Old Concept Skin)

                   **Reimagined Skin Concept**

** Broken Doll Alpha Tier 3**

 What if Alpha went for a true scare factor look?
 A Porcelain Doll possessed by a malicious ghost!

             Details and Design changes

» Appearance- A mix of the Grudge (look it up) and Annabelle look. i couldn’t find any creepy doll pics that resembled my idea. IF U DONT KNOW THE REFERENCE, imagine a broken porcelain doll

» Basic Attacks- She attacks using her cracked and chipped porcelain doll hands, uses a scrape-ing motion at the foe.

» Infinite Reboot (Perk)- She breaks down into a pile of dust .___. When she comes back to life, a banshee like ghost arises from the dust while being covered all over into her doll porcelain cracked broken skin.

» Protocol Detection (A)- A broken baby doll crawls fast along the select area. And if it hits something, Alpha flings her doll body (like a zombie running after someone) and scratches from the front of her to the sides of her.

» Core Overload (B)- A ghostly (transparent) half scissors appears into her hand and slams it into the foe

» Termination Call ©- Alpha brakes out of her doll body only to release a creepy ghost that is screaming with a shockwave around her like taka T3 and gradually slows down. When the ghost explodes into smoke, it leaves a dust mound on the floor in which her perk happens (read perk).

» Recall- Alpha violently shakes as if she’s possessed by a ghost.

» Walking Animation - Demon lady type of crawl such as pic 2

» Running Animation - Similar to Cosair Krul Perk Animation

» New VoiceLine- Alpha randomly in the match sings a lullaby “Ringo around the rosie"

Pic 1 ghost inside her

Pic 2 a similar look to the Grudge (google it)

i cant draw so i google pics to help portray what i mean btw


GIVE ME. I really want this.