Reim still trash

Jesus just give us a different Ice hero or vampire cause reim still garbage Like he sucks now I don’t even like him no more that fort hp is nothing and on top of fixing his “bugs” they nerf lml Basically he been trash for a few updates and when u fix problem u nerf which created another problem he already so asf fort hp all he got let’s be honest once they kite start it STARTS HARD for Him…

Just add a new aoe ice mage or ice archer jeeez last 2 heroes was lame as hell (Yates and silver nail smh)

Are you kidding me? Hes BEASTING “well i am beasting with him”
Semc fixed the bug by the way and you guys still complain, sheesh if the mod didnt have such a hard on for muting people i would probably say something else

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Sounds like a personal experience, hes still not played in high tiers because of his damage.

Either that or that he cant gain fortified health that quickly before being bursted down.

Xenotek talked today on why hes not strong still.

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Oh well. If the majority says reim is weak then he is weak

I never said the majority, pls dont twist my words.

I just said hes still not B tier from the change.

I never “put words in your mouth” all i said was if the majority thinks hes weak then i guess hes weak but i meant that as an empty statement of the sort. Sheesh what is up with people

In this CC heavy meta Reim is too easy to focus. His damage is slow, he has a slow movespeed, and he needs to stick to do anything. This is why Reim is still low tier in 5v5. In 3v3 however, I would not be surprised if he is a high tier jungler.

P.S @Weepingwill we would prefer if you would talk a wee bit less hostile. We respecc each other in these parts.


Ok, the way you worded that made it seem like you were being an butt.

Cant really tell how people meant to write things on the internet :new_moon_with_face:

Haha lol its all good my dude people on the internet can be a butt

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Okay okay sheesh, no need to go all Lance on me

Reim is very strong. People who are good with him can really shine. I was trashed for picking him and then got starry eyed pings when I saved my allies many times.

His damage is decent. His CC is insane, his speed comes from slow enemies and journey boots.


I mean his cc is beastttt. You just good have good aim with your A and C. And make sure to frost them so your other abilities can take on full effect. The only problem with him is his slowness. Why you gotta be an old coot reim hahaha

Exactly nobody would complain for nothing , I play kestrel and most of the time I get rekted sometimes I don’t I dont come her and say she weak buff her I know she’s amazing and before I played her I never liked archers in any game ever …but riem jesus

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In 3v3 he is bad: the changes were a nerf overall, and the jungle changes were also applied here, meaning he deals only 50% damage to jungle minions, so his clearing speed is horrible.


It’s why you do the unthinkable. Reim top lane…
In 5v5 that is ofcourse…

In 3v3 he is one of the weakest heroes (as in the previous patch), his clear speed is so slow that he can make pressure, and the changes on his FH made him to get little FH from his AA but less from his abilities, overall, it was a nerf, so he is event weaker than in patch 3.6

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Oof to Grandpa Reim. He needs a buff badly. Looks like SEMC was too scared about him suddenly jumping back up to top tier or something


I remember back in the day when i was too scared to touch reim because he was annoying with his cc and fortified health. Like cmon carry kill this guys i cant even touch him lol.

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Did they fix the unblockable perma slow bug yet?

SMH do they even test patches before releasing? Reim is good because previous bug was fixed and now he has a super bug.

It sucks mostly because if melee heroes become top tier there is no way a guarantee that they can carry every single game. Kensei was just broken in his release patch but the following patches he can at best do a 3v1. Melee heroes can’t carry games in 5s so there is no problem in experimenting with the playerbase.