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Regular title


Correct. Three separate users flagging the same post will cause it to be automatically hidden.


@HipsterSkaarf @hazeleyes

Thanks for the answers, makes more sense now. :slight_smile:


I used it? Didn’t remember using it lol I’mma look to see where

EDIT: Oh ok I found it. Now I know why exactly I did not think twice when I posted it, but I’ll be a bit more careful


I think with more activity it makes sense that more mistakes will be made
I have the title and i can be less active and read without comments and keep the title .


Wasn’t that part of the “regular”-thing, too? I may be mis-remembering, but I thought it only took one vote for regulars to hide a post, until it was reviewed.

I could test that, of course, with one of yours. :smirk:


The question is can mods even get flagged? Lol… they can I already knew but still


Finger be twitching to reveal the truth…