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Regular title


I was nerfed over 5 warnings in 1600 posts…


Oof so you can’t have regular? You’re the one I see most often on here…


Yup and I haven’t had an answer on how to get it back either…


Lol even I’m a regular and I think I got 4-5 warnings too.

Tbh two of those shouldn’t have counted tho. I also completely just went off with hazel eyes and live the day to talk about. I was surprised I wasn’t banned but I guess the mods are a little more just then I give them credit for.


So, I’ve moved some off-topic discussion from another thread to this one, where the issue was already talked about…

To repeat the answer about titles, if you’ve been reported too many times in the last 100 days, you’ll drop back to Member status. The system does that because, chances are, if you’ve been reported a lot, then maybe you have regular disagreements with particular people, and you might not be able to address their threads objectively. This might lead to people abusing the Regular privileges, re-naming and moving threads that shouldn’t be.

Also, remember, reports are checked by moderators. If something is flagged and we look into it and disagree, then the report doesn’t count against you for trust levels. This is here to specifically avoid bandwagoning, and I think it’s working well.

There’s another point in this thread that I’d like to address - neither the regular or moderator titles are intended to limit someone’s ability to speak their mind. It’s not, ‘you have this title so you must be good’ it’s that if you’ve been promoted, it’s a recognition that your efforts are actively trying to make the community a better place, for an extended period of time. So people should consider the ranks here as a reflection of that.


So I haven’t been flagged in 2 months time and am a frequent poster. I have no idea how any of this works…


Like I said, if you’ve been reported too many times in 100 days, you’ll drop back to Member status. There’s a good reason for this, which I also explained above. If you’ve been reported unfairly, moderators can nullify the effect it would have on your trust level. I said this already, too.

My advice is just post good, helpful content, and avoid lashing out at people, even if they try to provoke you. Just good practice for life, in general. When your flag timer runs down, you’ll qualify for Regular status again.


Holy smokes I didn’t know you could do this @HipsterSkaarf this is cool.


I have been flagged for the word rape which has then been used a 100x without consequences…

Stuff like that. I have made 600 new posts without getting flagged but still no change…


Two things:

  1. If you see rape being used as casual slang around here, please flag it. I really dislike it and would moderate it everytime. This is not specific to you, at all.
  2. Don’t exaggerate to make your point. I just searched the word “rape” and only found 10 results. One of them is you using it just now, one is from it being used in a fan lore, and the other 8 are from 3 users (primarily one). So, @cha0z, @NinjaBryden, @FailureIV, please don’t use the word “rape” as casual slang, thanks.

You’re asking for a system that rewards spam to dilute bad behavior. Sorry, but we’re not going to go that direction. I appreciate all the good posts you’ve made, and you’ve made a lot of them, but there are good reasons for setting up the system the way it is.


Where do I state that I want spam to be rewarded? Posting for the sake of posting is nice in an offtopic context but I primarily like to post and discuss strategy and builds…


You asked for your flags to be discounted because of your post volume. Unless you have some more detail to the suggestion, that’s the same as asking for a system that rewards spam to diminish the effect of your bad behavior.



This text will be blurred


It is not the same. I have 1.8k posts and 1.1k likes if I was just spamming nonsense I wouldn’t receive likes ever…

I am opinionated true, I can be passionately engaged too, these two combined has in the past lead to being somewhat rude or indecent in the eyes of some.

It irritates me to see people less active and less helpful with a title that was taken from me, which is my main issue. Because I got it and was stripped of it almost instantaneously…


can someone explain to me what flagging means? pls and thx

im actually clueless


If you spot a post that seems inappropriate, you can “flag” it through the little “…” menu at the bottom of the post.

That will mark it for mods to review and take action if necessary.


ohh, ok.

i understand now, its like a report feature, okie


While we’re here, can I ask you a question about flagging?

I see some posts only need to be flagged once to be hidden, others seem to require more attention. Why’s that?


I’m having a hard time knowing how to respond to this. You’re basically asking us to excuse X amount of bad behavior because of Y amount of good behavior. That’s just… not great. I don’t want people cashing in on an “outrage allowance” because they have good behavior to cover it, when we should just all be decent to each other in the first place, even when it’s hard to do so.

But, look, we picked a system that lets you work your way back. If you’re avoiding overly aggressive arguments, and being helpful, you’re on your way. So stick with it.


Good question. If a moderator sees a flag and agrees the post was off-topic, inappropriate, or whatever, it can be hidden without extra votes. But it can also be hidden by, I think, two or three votes otherwise.