Regarding Loot Boxes

An interesting article in light of our recent discussion here about some of the RNG chests in VG … imo, loot boxes are gambling, pure and simple. It’s only a matter of time before they’re regulated.


Ah I remember that post.

Honestly felt pretty amazing that GGG actually helped him out with that.

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I am sure that quite a lot of money goes in the “right hands” to delay that moment. Otherwise it would had happen till now already.

At least here in the US, the major problem is simply institutional inertia. The government just doesn’t move very fast – certainly not fast enough to keep up with the pace of the internet age. That said, I’m sure there would be powerful resistance to any regulation of the gaming industry. But it’s eventually coming – probably not during the current administration, but likely under a more consumer-friendly one.


I read the comments and saw people comparing loot boxes to toy’s machines , I mean it could look like that but the reality is loot boxes are worst , one of them is loot boxes are everywhere and entering your world without invitation , so I could be a good person and deal with money good and not loot boxing at all , but others can’t do the same , so when they put them in your face and say it’s your choice that’s terrible , you shouldn’t put it in my face first place.

A more recent MSM article discussing loot boxes …