Razer BlackWidow Elite keyboard

Just got this keyboard two days ago, and I just wanted to share some quick impressions in case anyone might be considering a new gaming keyboard. (Also for those here who, like me, are mechanical keyboard fanatics.)

Design: 10/10 – keycap size is perfect, labels are clear and not some weird “futuristic” typeface, there’s only a small slope to it (slope = bad for ergonomics), and there’s a handy passthrough USB port (on the left side)

Build quality: 11/10 – the base is all metal and solid as a rock; keyswitches (my first keyboard with NON CHERRY SWITCHES :scream: – they’re designed by Razer to be better than Cherry’s) are SUPERB – I’m a convert (my keyboard has Razer’s Orange switches, which are analogous to Cherry Brown switches); I couldn’t go back to Cherry now.

Bling: 10/10 – It’s an RGB keyboard, but I really like the subtlety of the lighting – it’s bright enough to be noticeable but doesn’t light up the desktop surface or my room at night, which most of my other RGB keyboards have done. The Razer Synapse software is good and has the added feature of Philips Hue integration (which I’ve not tested yet).

Other gaming keyboards owned

Corsair K65 LUX, Corsair K95 Platinum, Asus ROG Strix Flare

What the duck?

That’s one of the spirit animals I got from my writers group. It’s supposed to help me keep my “ducks in a row” when writing my novel this month. I also got a gorilla and a giraffe. :smile:


Ooh shiny! :koshka:

I’ve always been intimidated by gaming keyboards, but they look really fun. Is the lighting customizable??

Desk buddies

I’ve also got some giraffe pals!

And some dinosaurs

Also, wtd



I might be the excitement killer but I was never into buying expensive keyboards.
Honestly, that keyboard looks pretty much like my cheapo $10 logitech(with RGB) that has been serving me for the last 10 years(I know what you are thinking) but I have tried expensive ones and they never suited me for some or the other reason and also I don’t like RGB.
All said and done, I hope you like ur new razer. Go smash some noobs with that amazing speed.

Ive always loved Razer and their designs. They have always been so beautiful. Love to see you invest in such an amazing keyboard. Should totally also include the rest of your setup. Curious to see what youve got :wink:

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Lol, most people don’t very much about keyboards, and unless you’re a fanatic about the feel of the device you use most often to interact with your computer, spending $150 and up on it doesn’t make much sense.

Me, I’m rather particular about them. :ozo:

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Yep – VERY customizable!

I’ll post some pics once I clean up my desk. :wink:

it is very pretty.

why and how does this post have no catergory :scream_cat:

Oops. Because I forgot to pick one. :man_facepalming:

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Did I witness a birth of another category? Well it was short lived :sleepy:

It took me a while to finally get a picture of my home setup for two reasons: (1) I was waiting for Santa to deliver my new graphics tablet (thanks, Santa!), then (2) the graphics tablet is so dang large that I had to buy an arm to mount it off the edge of the (already huge) computer desk.

So there ya go!


Yeah, that’s nice and all, but… what happened to the giraffe?

He moved over to the top of the PC – I think he and the gorilla are hatching some sort of plan.

I don’t trust them. Even the duck looks guilty.


That tablet’s gorgeous, btw! I’m using an intuos, which is fine for now because I’m not doing anything illustration heavy, but I’d love to upgrade someday.

I found the Intuos great for things like photo retouching, but I could never draw with the thing. (Not that I’m anything resembling a great artist, mind you.) I’m totally enamored of the Cintiq, though!

I currently have this on my wishlist, i.e. I am ordering it sometime this week:

I don’t really use the numpad and I have a small desk; the idea of portability speaks to me and I’ve had great products from Logitech so far.

EDIT: As a mechanical keyboard freak I feel you on the build quality, and the volume knob on the keyboard in your OP really has me considering…

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This looks great. Razer constantly makes beautiful products! Even if I was a little let down with their phone.