Gaming mouse recommendations?

Anyone have a gaming mouse that they’re particularly happy with? Or a brand recommendation?

I’ve currently on my second Corsair M65, and though I love the feel of the mouse itself, the switches seem to be questionable … my first M65 developed a problem with the left mouse button where about half the time it would send phantom double clicks. A quick Google search reveals I’m not the only one who has had problems with Corsair mice. (Fwiw, the M65 uses Omron switches – I’d much prefer a mouse with Cherry switches, as they are known to be more reliable.)

The left button on my current M65 has begun to misclick from time to time. :unamused:

Anyone have any experience with SteelSeries or Razer mice? (Thinking about Razer because I am in LOVE with my Razer BlackWidow keyboard, which is the best keyboard I’ve ever used.) I had a Logitech G502, which I liked quite a bit, but my daughter liked it even better, and it’s now attached to her computer. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am currently using a razer mamba wireless (got also the original mamba wireless back in the days) - it’s great, not that heavy, top of the pack optical sensor, decent build quality, good shape (close to deathadder, but a little bit smaller), long battery life, can game ofc connected on a cable and not that expensive + no lag whatsoever when on wireless. There is also a newer razer vyper ultimate that is also wireless.

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I am using a Razer Naga atm and it still works very well! I recently had a couple instances of my mouse not moving, but it only happened twice and it’s VERY infrequent. Otherwise it’s a year old and still works like a charm

Also yeah the Blaclwidow is a great keyboard. My dad got one for me for christmas before I could buy one myself and the RGB on it is beautiful. The wrist pad is also 100x better than corsair’s

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I’ll have to check what Logitech mouse my brother has. I really like the feel of it, and It has quite good performance for the price. I dont know if it matter to you, but it has their dark field sensor to work on glass (mostly useful if you use a laptop, in addition to gaming). Don’t remember if they offer the same model without it or not.

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