Questions from a newbie

Hi there, I wanted to try out a new game on mobile and came across Vainglory 5v5 3 days ago and it’s the 1st ever MOBA game for me. I like the game and decided to stick with it. I see there are a lot of things to learn before you can play well. I so far have a faint grasp on things like some items that you can buy, farming gold from minions and the orbs in the jungle. I saw this on youtube.

How long does it take to go from a complete newbie to average?

I tried out a few heroes and decided to stick with Koshka and get better with her. Is it a good idea to stick with her?

Thanks in advance


Koshka is a decent jungler. Good idea.
Learn a jungler a Laner and a captain for starters.

Try melee, ranged and mage. Find heroes that fit your style of play and get better with those would be my advise.

Have fun!

Which server are you on? (NA)
Maybe there are some friendly NA players around.

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Yes, Koshka is a solid pick. Easy hero to learn, but not too easy and offers plenty of learning curves all the way to Vainglorious Pro’s.

Welcome to the forums~! Keep learning and having fun.

I dont know the server. I just start up the game on mobile and start 5v5 multiplayer. it automatically finds a match. How do I check?

Just curious about how you found this forum? did you have to look hard? was it a link?


You are American so you are North America server…

I first googled for ‘vainglory forum’ and I took a quick look at the threads. Some of them were about the forum closing down and had links to this community led site.
So I just enrolled here. Wasn’t hard but partly accidental.


oh nice work finding us. You’re on the right path to knowledge. lol.

Thanks, how long would you approximate it takes to get good at this game?

To get to an average skill level? depends on the amount of play hours you’re willing to put in… but i would say a solid month or 2… maybe 3… since it’s your FIRST MOBA EVER… thanks for choosing Vainglory~!!!


Do you have rpg experience? How fanatic are you? You could be half decent within 100 games I’d say…

Learning all the mechanics and strategies takes a lot of time.

Improving and mastering those takes forever lol.
I have been playing for 3 years and am still improving. At tier 9 out of 10

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I have no experience in RPG. Monster Legends has been my main game for a couple of years on mobile. Before that the only other game I used to be good at is age of empires. So I know a bit of micro and macro management.
Initially the videos and forums looked like a completely new language to me as I dont understand most of the words used like crystal/laning etc… now understood a bit. Still dont understand much of it. What is snowballing ?

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Depending on how fast you can get good with the mechanics, it won’t take you long to be average. Took me a few months and that’s only because it takes some time to figure out whst items work best with your hero and when. That takes the longest in my experience.

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Koshka is known for snowballing, which means to get early game kills quickly, with the aim to end the game within a certain time frame… before everybody hits level 12


Micro in Vainglory is stuff like kiting and stutterstepping where you attack and move back and repeat.

Macro is farming gold through timing your minion and monster kills also known as rotations.

Snowballing is when a team gets an advantage and presses that advantage continuously so the enemy can’t recover.


Thanks, you all sound very helpful and this forum looks quite active.:ok_hand:


welcome to the forums and vg!
for me, it took a month to familiarize myself with everything with very ligtle moba experience (played LoL like years ago for a week), by this time i was able to learn stutterstepping (find other guides for this bc i can’t explain it well, but it makes your dps go up.), what the items do, and my playstyle.
every week, test out the heroes from the weekly rotation and see who you like. this’ll help you develop a hero pool, then find who you like the most in your hero pool (for now you said koshka) to practice them more.
for beginners, i think these are the easiest heroes to learn for each role (in 5v5)


mid (usually a mage or a burst hero like kestrel): skaarf
bot (marksmen): gwen and ringo
top(tanks or more mages): grace, glaive, joule
jungle (honestly diverse, but usually either provides some utility or can assassinate enemies more easily): koshka glaive grumpjaw
captain: ardan lyra catherine
(note my list is just my opinion, i could be missing some others or wrong about heroes i put there)

always read patchnotes and forums every update! even if youre not familiar with everything right now, the numbers for balance will give you a sense of who’s weaker and who’s stronger
some people like watching youtubers or streamers play vg and learn from them
learn how to play your characters first, then move on to figuring out how to build w/o blindly following the recommended, then practice mechanics.
have fun! people in the forums are very kind most of the time when it comes to helping people
if you see anyone pinging you in a way that seems rude, muting them (in the scoreboard, the social part, just tap the chat bubble next to their icon) really helps. if you don’t enjoy the game, take a break so you don’t burn out

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Tips, play casual as much as you can and earn glorys up to 8k and get celeste, lyra or maybe even saw.

And before deciding to get a new hero, watch how they are played on youtube. If it’s to your playstyle and if it easy to master. Once you are level to tier 3 or 4 ans get more heros. You are free to explore

If you can explain what type of hero you want or like I’m sure we can help you with that.

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One thing that I recommend learning, even though it is quite a Pro thing to do, is learn the items. all of them.

I remember as a newbie, I would spend quite a long time just looking at items in the shop and deciding what to buy, and from another player’s point of view - you look like you’re standing at the base doing nothing (which is either AFK or trolling).

So make use of the casual modes, brawl modes and Practice modes to learn the items. Watch Pro’s on youtube, twitch. The quicker you buy, the sooner you can head out.