Questions from a newbie

Hello, welcome, it’s always nice to see more new people! I saw you mentioned terminology; most of the time people abbreviate items and mechanics. There is a list of VG terminology, but feel free to ask anyone to explain what they’re talking about, I’m sure most people here won’t mind.

There’s a list of all the items in Vainglory here if you’re ever totally lost. I still use it to remind myself, and I think I’ve been playing for almost 2 years. Keep in mind also that when most people are talking about builds, they’re talking about T3 (tier 3) items, so if any two items share the same initials/abbreviation, you might assume it’s the highest tier.

@Ve3nNo0wM’s advice is solid. Learning the items quickly will definitely help ease your way into Vainglory, and will let you feel more “in the loop” here.


Just to add my voice to the other folks here and welcome you to the forums!

Lots of great advice in this topic – there are a lot of very experienced and talented folks here!

Don’t be shy about asking questions!


Can I suggest you look up a website called broken myth. Since you’re new you’ll have a hard time determine what items are good on what’s hero’s. BM have just updated their user guides for every hero so they might give you an insight into build paths.

My advice is to learn 5/6 hero’s and stick with them for 2/3/4 weeks; once your comfortable with them slowly add more to your repoitore. What many new people do is stick with a few hero’s, whic is fine for a while but will lead you to plateau when you start ranking. Adding more hero’s also means you’ll get to enjoy the variety of play styles in the game.

Ps - welcome to the forums, hope you have fun with VG

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Broken Myth looks useful. Can I ask you something? I dont know if its a glitch or not.
When using Koshka I use my left thumb on the mini map to get a wider view around her or to look at another part of the map.
Sometimes when doing this, the camera stops auto-moving to keep up with Koshka and doesnt even revert back to her when i release the thumb from the mini map. I have to then manually move the field of view using the mini map with my thumb while moving her with my right thumb to keep up with her movements.

What can I do to make the camera auto-follow her again? I tried teleporting her it doesn’t fix the problem.

The camera locks and unlocks onto the character, because some people prefer being able to see around the map easier. Under the map there is a little lock button, click that to toggle it.

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thank you, thats been bothering me quite a bit

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Not that much to go from beginner to decent/average player that knows the basics and won’t look bad in good players eyes. 2-3 months I would say, this if you play a few games a day, not 24/7.

Also, welcome to the forums and vainglory! :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you might have clicked accidentally on the camera icon, this enables you to move the field of vision and lock it in, can undo this be re-clicking the icon.

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Welcome to the forums. Hope u have a gd time here! Some tips for u
Try out different heroes in battle royale, see which one u enjoy the most
Practice with your favorite hero in 5v5 casual

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I’ve been playing VG since Jan 2017, and decided to fully stick to it eversince my other loved MOBA, HOC shut down (sad). Honestly, these guys here in the forum are very helpful and the topics will help you on your way to being average and eventually a pro. :slight_smile: For the last months, I found my way to the forums and was just stalking, looking for tips, news and ideas. Last week, I decided to join in the conversation. :slight_smile:

Good luck to you. And to all the guys here, I wanna thank you for the knowledge you’re sharing. I’m having my favorites for some time now, very helpful guys :smiley:


Just familiarizing all of the heroes’ skills do is a HUGE step.

Watching YouTubers/streamers is basically free knowledge too. I heavily recommend FlashX and ttigers. They’re the only VG Youtubers I can tolerate watching regularly without getting bored to death.

Hopefully your experience isn’t too toxic. VG was my first “real” MOBA, and I’ve stuck with it for years. Good luck!

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To get good you’d need to play for one or two years. Average would be around a month

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If you want to know anything about the game, just send me a private message, I’ll answer anything I can. Don’t be shy tho :wink:

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I have now over 8000 glory pts and about to unlock a hero.
I’m thinking Glaive/Varya.
Any opinions on these 2?

I was maining Glaive for 2 years and he is DEFINITELY a very solid choice if you play him. He doesn’t need many damage items, and 1 sorrowblade and two tornado triggers are enough to make him a dps machine.
Varya is weird imo, and is very hard to play can’t say much about her :confused:

if you can be patient enough for 1.5 weeks (or u can earn 8k again by that time) i suggest waiting to see if you would like kinetic the new hero

EDIT but regardinf the two heroes, i would say both are very decent, but they have two very different playstyles, and varya can be more difficult to pull off but definitely rewarding.

Those two are extremely very solid choices. Glaive has one of the best abilities in the game, Afterburn, and he can play any role quite well and Varya is a great laner with good damage against single targets and groups of enemies/minions, as well as mobility and an amazing global attack with her ult. However, I would HIGHLY advise waiting until the next patch, 3.4, to release soon before making the purchase. There’s no telling whether or not the two will be great in the new meta and there may be a chance you’ll prefer using the new hero, Kinetic, over them.

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There are a few leaks on the hero Kinetic, look at them and if you like Kinetic, then wait for her, although you can buy Glaive now and save up glory to buy Varya, then Kinetic

Thanks, from what I understand Glaive is tankier and stronger hitting than Koshka but slower. Is that right?
I love moving between the lanes with koshka. Will Glaiva be fast enough for this?

cough get malene cough

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