Played warhawk only to vg silver in NA. Made a guide, looking to answer questions

I think he’s under rated, looking forward to next patch when he becomes op. Here’s the guide if you want to see it.


After the buffs this achievement does feel like muted. He went from well balanced to literally instant win in mid so fast lmao

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Frankly, he was under powered. Don’t just give me the “you don’t understand him” lecture. I love warhalk, played him a lot. He was markedly worse than other heroes who I was equally competent on. Yes he had nice moment of power, but his damage was not good enough to be worth picking (even with proper use of his perk). Yes, I know Warhalk is not a primary damage dealer compared to someone like Celeste. He always had great zoning and mobility, I get his role on a team. The point is, other heroes just had much more impact.

If you wanted zoning, crowd control, and anti dive Baptiste was a much better pick. Other mages had better damage, and despite good mobility, it did not really do much to help your team overall. Yes if you were good at Skye, or Warhalk you could excel, as high skill cap heroes with good outplay it’s possible to really flex your skills on them, but that’s not what balanced means.

The buffs were WAY WAY overkill. He really only needed the ult tweaks, and A damage buff probably (i really like the differentiation between his WP and CP paths on his ult to give them different playstyles).

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I feel like the strongest buff to him were actually the energy changes. He no logners needs to get chargers and clockwork mid game, and instead can now maintain his lane pressure.
Its actually insane.
Really hope he’s nerfed next patch so he’s less broken and i can play him again

I think slight energy changes were necessary. He was more energy hungry than any other hero in the game, but they overdid it.

I would have liked some smaller energy reductions, just so he was not forced into early energy items quite as much. I’m hoping next patch CP gets a slight nerf. At that point it would be cool to see WP be equally good.

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What a surprise! It’s the new “modus operandi”, they release a hero, if it’s op they don’t change it, if it’s weak they make him broken. It’s already the second time they make that mistake.

He just needed the energy reductions, but nope, they had to buff every aspect of his kit.

He was doing extremely poorly from what I’ve been told.
Borderline hotfix territory, so we can expect that he had low 40s WR

Because the energy costs were ridiculous, he couldn’t participate in long teamfights, which is what he needed considering his burst wasn’t something amazing. That’s not an excuse to make him instawin.

I would argue the ult changes were needed (to make WP feel different) and the CP ratio on his A to make it less of a wet napkin lane game. As well as the range increase on his perk (though it should not have been so much) to make it more realistic to use in 5v5. It was fine for 3v3, but if the enemy positioned well using his perk was not really effective.

The real issue is that they also tacked on buffs to he B, and overdid the energy. Remove those two things and he will be fine.

Lyra says hi. :slight_smile: :kissing:


Lyra is not that bad to be honest. Unless you are trying to play CP, and constantly use her perk.

If you think of her perk like any other ability, that is used only when needed, she really is not very energy hungry.

Yates is probably the most energy hungry hero rn.

I would argue WP Baron is worse in terms of energy, and Glaive.

I guess a big factor is captains have really no viable energy options for most of the game as a captain. You can’t get any energy before fountain and crucible. Sure you could grab a battery, but it is not great after the nerf a while back. Your best bet is multi cam, but that’s pretty expensive and if you are tight on gold is not worth delaying war treads and rooks.

And WP Baron can? He basically never builds energy, he simply can’t.

A lot of vg silver supports buy a early halcyon’s charger on certain heroes

Early, but not before crucible if needed.

I know a certain Lyra who always build :vgitem_halcyonchargers: before :vgitem_crucible:

Then against Phinn, Adagio, Catherine, Churnwalker etc. They will have probably 2 free ults. I don’t think that is worth it.

I mean, he played in the MPL, so I guess he knows what he is doing

Oswald I think it is. That guy is a legend, almost better than B0ff’s Glaive.

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