Pinging and Surviving Solo Queue

Let me just say, I went from being stale and getting nowhere fast, to actually enjoying games by learning the ping system and making the most of it.

Pings must be spot on. Don’t hesitate, just ping. Embrace it and use it to the best of your ability. This is your only method of communication in Solo Queue and your best friend, once you learn the perks of proper pinging.

There will hopefully be a shot caller in each team. This is usually the most experienced player and/or the player with great map awareness.

  1. recognize who is the shot caller. This will be either very obvious from the beginning OR you’ll have to step up and become it.
  • how to recognize the shot caller - The guy who immediately pings “GLHF” and :vgcheersx1::vgcheersx2::vgcheersx3: and immediately pings the target location on the map to group up.

  • the player who is getting all kills is a good bet to listen to, but I usually find mostly if they don’t like pinging and making the shot call, they just want to kill stuff.

  • A Good Baron, Celeste or Kestrel player can be recognized by how well they place their ULT’s and hopefully will join in the pinging to let the team know where to be and what objective to take.

  • If a player is not listening to pings, just keep trying and don’t tilt, learn to adapt, keep your eye on the objective, keep your pings spot on and keep making the plays.

  1. if there is no shot caller: it usually means there is a lack of ping knowledge and confidence in making pings, OR they’re just using a tiny phone, like I used to.

I’ll try to impart some of my understanding of pings.

Use the :vg_caution: ping to warn of a possible gank. Mainly if you spotted the enemy but your teammate might of just came and not seen them hiding. you ping the spot you think the enemy is at.

:vg_go: if you want the team to meet at that point or just to point at a enemy to focus down. ping directly on top of the enemy or the area you want the fight to be at.

:vg_groupup: is kinda similar to :vg_go: but more for objectives and grouping up. ping directly at the meeting point.

:vg_omw: retreat ping is timed at the exact moment you think your teammate is going to get outnumbered. Ping directly in the area of combat. and then the area to retreat to. It’s ok to spam this ping, because overconfidence is real, spam it :vg_omw::vg_omw::vg_omw::vg_omw::vg_omw: and hopefully, they’ll get out of there before they die.

Roams should really pay attention to " I need help " pings.

“announce your health and energy” prior to porting back home. this will give your team a chance to cover the lane while you’re gone.

Show your appreciation when good plays are made by thumbs up.:thumbs::thumbs2::thumbs3:

“take the objective” pings should be followed up by a :vg_groupup: on the objective to be taken.
“we need vision” pings to be followed by a :vg_go: or :vg_groupup: to the area in question that needs to be checked.

Do not spam 2 word text pings in a row, as this will be your maximum and you’ll get locked out of pinging for 5 seconds, which could mean missing out on a potential :vg_caution: and a “enemy is missing” ping or other helpful pings.

when using the “enemy is missing” ping, it should be followed up immediately by a :vg_caution: ping on the dragon that is possibly under attack or a choke point that the enemy could be hiding in.

Pay attention to pings. and ping more. My best moments is when another player pings the exact same ping as me and knows the enemy is missing as well, and knows the dragon is being taken. clutch moments that make or break the end result.

You will find, like I did, that once you use Pings all the time, even those pings due to bad plays or bad skills become understandable and when you get pinged for making mistakes, show that you know it was a bad mistake by pinging :sad::oops::bacon_tears:

Another use of the Sad face :sad::oops::bacon_tears: ping is when you come back from a disconnection to let your team know that you had trouble with network issues. I usually ping this constantly when i experience lag spikes.

Even those funny moments when you get a kill from across the screen or face checking a brush full of enemies should be taken light heartedly and humor is very hard to convey so I have yet to use this ping, but I understand it when i see it, so don’t get tilted when you see the :haha::happy::opaf: ping.

Last but not Least, Always remember to ping “GG” in that tiny little 3 second window when the vain shatters, so everyone can appreciate it was a GOOD GAME. I usually follow this up with a :vgcheersx1::vgcheersx2::vgcheersx3:

For all those who are not confident in pinging, I hope this gives you confidence in using pings more, and for those who just don’t like pinging all together, a simple :vg_ok: ping to say you recieved the ping loud and clear.

Pinging is here to stay. Let’s all get on board and understand pings, whether they’re used constructively or not, is up to us.


i use the blue ping for “omw” :1


Pretty nice guide. Though I’ve noticed people using :vg_caution: to ping lanes that need to be cleared (otherwise the turret will go down).
Personally I would hold back on smiley and thumb up pings unless it’s very obvious that it’s positive(ie. after a blackclaw steal) because those are subject to the most misinterpretation.


I often ping the laughing ping after doing something stupid. VG needs to be more lighthearted.

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Great write-up! I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said, with a couple extra thoughts.

Like @ANGERY said, :vg_omw: is technically “On my way” (and was even labeled, a long time ago):

32 AM

I’ll use it tell my teammates where I am headed - this can include going back to base, split-pushing (:vg_groupup: top lane, :vg_omw: bottom lane), or if I think we should dive the enemy under the turret (:vg_omw: placed on the half-health RIngo trying to last hit his minion wave; glhf Ringo).

I use :vg_caution: as a generic “alert, please be cautious” whether that means a gank is coming, or I think we should retreat from a push. I usually ping in twos (Condition, Suggestion), so I follow it up with a :vg_go: to a better position (kind of like, “avoid this :vg_caution: , and instead, go here :vg_go:”). Sometimes I add a :vg_omw: to let my teammates know that I’m ducking out. If they want to keep going, that’s on them, but I’m not a part of it. I actually never use :vg_caution: as a dragon warning or a “clear minion wave” ping, because if I want someone to go take care of something, I just ping :vg_go: or, if I think it will need multiple people, :vg_groupup:. Telling them to be alert is great, but without giving direction about what they should actually do seems counter-productive.

When I’m trying to get teammates to watch for ganks, I’ve found it be really helpful to ping :vg_caution: combined with double-tapping my cam icon to let them know I’m out of charges. That reminds them that they don’t have vision and gives them the reason for my ping.

Yes, very much! When I get sniped or completely deleted or make a massive mistake, :haha: is my coping mechanism…

me: :haha: my team: :bacon_tears: :bacon_tears: :bacon_tears: :bacon_tears: ← bad…
me: :haha: my team: :opaf: :vgcheersx1: :happy: :vg_ok: ← good!


I swear smiley face is the most toxic ping in VG


Just to add, people mess up all the time. I mess up with pinging. ping the wrong place, accidental pings and just plain pinging when it’s not needed, but I still recommend pinging.

Don’t be afraid of messing up. We all mess up. Its just a game~! GLHF stands for GOOD LUCK ~! HAVE FUN~! so do just that, have fun~! :thumbs3:


You’d honestly be surprised how grateful teammates are when you warn them of an incoming gank before it happens, especially if it saves their life. It’s such a simple thing to ping to help save them, and it goes a long way.

Also make sure to always ping :thumbs2: whenever @RSerperior dies.


That to me seems very very toxic…

It does not convey the message of light-heartedness.

An okay or a :frowning: is way more appropriate.

Big problem I find is no one listen to them they will either walk into the gank that got pinged as warning(or walk in alone to 4 enemies) or too many will listen abondoning their unpushed lanes never to return

Yeah i’m the shotcaller 95% of the time ( roaming life. ) and i can say that MOST of the time people don’t care about the pings at all. Only Good and pro players take it seriously and thos3 are the ones who carry the games.

The most stubborn thing ia retreating from lane. I ping :warning: at least 10 seconds before bad things happen, because my anticipation skills are though the roof already. I have eyes on minimap 24/7 and am a vision freak. Manipulative roaming as you might call it. But… most People don’t retreat and get shish-kebab’d unfortunately.


Its much more useful to use a combination of pings, rather than spam ping. “enemy is missing” then :vg_caution: or :vg_omw: is better. I have found.

Also as a Roam, always double tap your ability CD and follow up with “i’m not ready” if you need to heal or shop.

especially if a team fight is about to break out, and i know i’m the main damage dealer, I always ping “im not ready” when my abilities are on CD.

A player who dies alot can be let down gently by Sad face :oops:and also the “be careful” ping when he goes venturing solo against all your pings. “stick together” and “lets team fight” i use alot. I didn’t include alot of common used pings because they are already widely used and self explanatory.

I get alot of stubborn players as well. Just keep persisting. keep pinging your intentions. “Lets team fight” and target the location with :vg_groupup:

At worse, just follow that player around and show that you’re a good player by saving him a few times. If your pings are spot on, they will recognize it and be grateful, even if they don’t show it.

I’m not a Captain, I’m a jungler or Laner. As a laner, i listen to Captain / Jungler pings, as a Jungler I make the shot calls on anything jungle related, which is almost always, seeing the jungle is 80% of the map.

I recognize a player suffering from tunnel vision - players who are farming minions or jungle while a team fight is going on a mere 10 metres away. Ping them, let them know. I honestly WAS one of them. I went from having tunnel vision to being extremely map aware. Its a common problem players face. Just ping them.

I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum. I went from zero pings to constantly pinging. i still get upvotes when i win or lose, as long as the pings was spot on. I honestly believe pinging helps. We just need to standardize what pings mean and how to use them, which is what i’m trying to achieve in this thread.

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Dude i know all of that, i’ve been playing for 3 years now :joy:

Roams should be shot callers, the should dictate how and when you engage etc…

Can’t tell you how annoying it is to see bad players take the lead on making plays. The classic is the rush to the middle in 3v3 (few exceptions where this isn’t a terrrivle play).

Once again, listen to your roam, they’re the ones with the CC,Peel, Fountain, vision etc etc don’t presume you can win a fight without them.

I agree, I do my best to follow a roams lead, they’re the guys who save our bacon when once made a bad play (or not in the case of bad roams).

Then I really don’t know why the majority would ignore pings. I mean, do you analyse your matches ? I regularly use the replay to see what went wrong or right.

or do you think pings just don’t work? getting a player on the same page as you is really hard work. Do you still ping regularly? or are you more relaxed player after 3 years?

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People refuse to listen, I’m guilty of this, if I see obvious low skill tier players over extending or requesting team fights we can’t win I’ll ignore them.

Sizeable chunk of the community ignore rthe roam, yet they are the ones who should be dictating play in game. How many tiles have you seen team mates over extend during a Kracken push? Only for you to then get aced as a result?

Don’t get me wrong pings are useful, but only when you’ve got semi competent players in your team. And that’s few and far between…


As the more experienced player and recognizing when somebody is over extending, I’m always pinging to retreat to safety, every time, even if they just keep doing it. Believe me, as thick headed as they are, it does click eventually.

They’ll start making Sad faces and eventually, hopefully start listening. Those who don’t engage in team fights and still go solo, get downvoted from me.

it is important to understand over confidence is real. and it happens to everyone. Sometimes spam pinging is needed.

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I am a heavy pinger. and if a teammate is in dangerous situation i don’t just lightly tap the ping, i SPAM it to the point where it goes on cooldown. Also i use variety of ping language with different combinations efficiently

But, as the other guy said, people either

  1. can’t understand the critical situation they are in
  2. DO NOT pay attention because they just don’t care
  3. Have me muted? Unlikely.

This doesn’t need rocket science to explain it. It’s just how most of the people are, unlike the ’ Good ’ minority.

You’ve the patience of a saint, I get far to salty, things like this lead me to tilt in game more often than not.