Pinging and Surviving Solo Queue

I do the same, I’ll hit where I’m going as the support.

Thanks for putting this together. Love it!

I have to say though, that I feel like I have had a lot of bad pingers trying to shot call. At times this feels super overbearing. I have a pretty low mute threshold with people like this. My favorite, is when I’m on carry and am repeatedly getting hit with 2 or 3 v me without any help and then get the crap pinged out of me to be careful. Or, when the other team is clearly stronger… Whether skill or or just out drafted us and then the main caller keeps trying to get everyone to “stick together” and go toe to toe with the other team. I try and get a split push going or ping for objectives… But they get stuck and then the pinging really starts to feel toxic. I’ll be the first to say I’m very much learning and my positioning isn’t the best, but I do feel like I’m starting to get a good idea of how to use the map as well as overall match flow and so when bad pingers start doing their thing it can be awful. But when there is someone listening or willing to work together… It is fantastic!

I feel like this is directed at me? you hit the wrong reply button.

I was reading your old post and felt like it really needed expanding. So I did this.

Another thing I want to touch on is:
Don’t assume that silent players are just bad. Many players just play on small phones and really don’t want to waste screen space to ping.

I have the privilege to play on a nice 10" tablet and my pinging is spot on, mostly. Lol.

I remember once a Baron was afk in base (probably deciding what to buy) and there was a huge wave of minions pushing bot lane, I was just looking at that wave thinking… That baron should be heading there ASAP after he wakes up, but he didn’t… he started heading mid lane, so I immediately spam pinged that wave of minions before he exited the base.

Map Awareness, sometimes isn’t because of a lack of knowledge or skill, its whoever has the bigger screen space.

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I have a galaxy s7 and i manage to ping and keep map awarness a small screen actually makes it easiet imo as i get tunnel vison if i focus on one thing too long it also allows me less travel ditance for my small hands

Yeah, sorry about the mis reply, thought I fixed that… Small screens… Lol… And again, thank you for the work you’ve out in with this.

After reading even more of the thread, i do wish there were a “thank you” ping… But I’m sure someone could find a way to make it toxic. Lol

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Some pings that could work and not become toxic are positive re-enforcement pings, like -

“Don’t give up”
“We can win this”

but i guess the “lets teamfight” ping is as good as we’re going to get.


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if only we had a wiki sub forum, I wasn’t so sure where to put this when i created it.

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Hmm a static wiki section would be nice