Ping to show lag?

Is it possible to put an ms or ping counter on the scoreboard. Or announce your ping as a …ping

My reason why will this be useful
-like for example you want to play a match you look at the top right of the play button and see and wow i’ve got a good ping today (78ms)
So you decide to play a ranked match then…whoooops
The ms counter lied to you and now you’re stuck in a match with 500ms spiking to 2500+ms how will you tell you’re lagging. surely enough on my experience when you use the :vg_go: with the :sad: people still doesn’t understand and thinks you’re trolling.

And for that i suggest to have an ms counter on the scoreboard. :vgcheersx3:


Only for team mates though if you opponents can see it too they can abuse it by spotting the laggy player and bumrushing them


Might help, sometimes it hard to tell s someone has lag issues or is just being a dick!

I have faced this exact issue and I’m a little unsure of how to communicate the lag to my team.

This would help.

As suggested by @Satanicsoldier maybe just a private ping to teammates only.


Yeah i agree. Although i doubt if SEMC even do this simce they always…you know…

I would love to have a private ping related to lag. It wouldn’t be toxic - in fact, it may lead to less toxicity, as I can understand internet issues more than thinking someone is trolling or feeding


My last match I got a 250000ms right before getting ganked or when blackclaw was unleashed

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similar situation happened to me. spiked to 15000ms at the exact moment of getting ganked by Rona.

All i saw was me dieing… din’t even see her attacking me.

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I don’t know how to tell my teammates I’m lagging. A team-wide ping would be very good!

People have been asking ever since they first added pings, still nothing.

The main issue with a lag ping is that it wouldn’t “send” until the lag was resolved. So for big lag spikes, you wouldn’t be able to use it when you need to.

I think showing the ms on the scoreboard or in the hero healthbar might be a good idea though. If someone is having a constant 300 that would be good to know, and I think possible to implement.


I had awful lag spikes in brawl and 5v5 yesterday. I missed every single skillshot for a solid 5 mins because I was sling shotting all over the place. It was right in the middle of late game too. Even in NA, with the famously “decent” ping these problems exist smh.

A way to communicate that would be nice. Playing as a new insta-locker waifu Malene they must have thought I was trolling. I must have gotten reported a bunch… LPQ here I come.

So far i have yet to see a decent ping in NA unless you cout 95-130 decent which I don’t as a decen ping is 59-70 with a good 50-59 and great is under 50. Maybe i have been spoiled by the pc though

Hope they implent it. it would reduce the toxicity…not all but would help in communicating with your allies.


The initial point of the ping would be to let your teammates know you lagged. This way, they wouldn’t get mad at you, just the game for sucking.

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Really? I almost always have very few problems with ping, and I’ve heard a lot of people say that NA has better ping than any other region.