OMW - "on my way" or "retreat"?

I agree about this ping which tells about the lag or bad connection, but I have been proposing a very important ping it is “Retreat” or “Back off”. This ping is much more important and understandable than using that blue running man icon. That blue icon is very confusing, beckoning to approach the point or runaway from the point…


Use caution ping on the area you want to avoid and retreat from. If you use the blue ping you’ll get some very interesting results but sadly not in your favor haha. But text ping really wouldn’t hurt.

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Or just redone retreat ping. To be more clear as now a lot of players use it for gather. The green circle and arrows are enough for go there/do that…

if you’re talking about the blue ping, it isn’t actually retreat, it’s original use is “omw” i think it’d be good to be remade to make the omw meaning clearer tho :c

Don’t you think “on my way” is kinda obsolete ? nobody has problems getting to the location… its disengaging that players have trouble with… retreat is a more suitable use for the blue ping.

i think omw is good so you can let someone in a fight know you could support them. the danger ping can show “DON’T GO HERE/FIGHT THIS” the white and green ping don’t accurately depict omw (you could use green twice, on you and the location, but i like using the lowest possible no. of pings)

Nah the OMW is one of the most important ones. How else do you signal where you are going. If you are going to help someone you need it to let them know. If it’s about disengaging just spam caution and say be careful.

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Map awareness? i don’t need to know who’s coming to help me, because i already do know, by map awareness. conversely, I have also never let down anyone needing help, also via good map awareness.

if Caution is used in such a broad sense, how will you warn of possible ganks? it should be saved for ganks only.

Be careful is a text ping, there is no direction and can be interpreted as a general term. it is useful, but does not convey the message of “retreat” clearly enough, even when paired with the Caution.

No, you can’t always be aware of everything. If you are fighting and losing and I’m coming you would just drop it. If I ping you’d try to bait. Or at least that’s how my games go. If you caution ping a lane it’s obvious they need to be aware of ganks. If you are facing the entire enemy team and ping caution on them it says “DON’T fight” very clearly to me.

i always try to bait, and good map awareness means you hold them off, ping “i need help” and ping your current location and wait for the help.

it is the person needing help responsibility to request it, not to wait for it.

By using “on my way” you are possibly going to help a situation that doesn’t need help. I’ve watched Gabevizzle streams and even he will ask ttigers if he needs help on bot lane all alone, he says no. everything is fine and you continue pushing your lane.

I didn’t say you shouldn’t even request help lol. But if you request help it doesn’t mean you’re getting it.

of course it doesn’t, but it alerts them of your current situation and they will determine if it is in their capacity to go and help you, by aknowledging your “i need help” with a “ok”

Using OMW to respond is waaaaay better. Ok can be about anything and I don’t know about you but for me it’s mostly sarcastic.

not everyone, especially in soloq, has comms. besides, not everyone will use “i need help” ping when they need it bc theyre tunnel visioning the enemy. pinging near them usually helps them know, also, when i gank, i ping OMW in advance so they can play their lane however needed (like letting enemy push in, moving to one side of the lane, clearing minions to prevent bodyblocking (SOB MALENE ROOTS SOB).


you just admitted to the problem of having tunnel vision. are you suggesting that this inherent bad habbit in humans cannot be weeded out? it would make sense that we work towards not having tunnel vision. no?

it’s one situation, but how can you solve someone else’s tunnel vision within one game? best to try to work with it. toxicity can also be a bad habit (negatively pinging allies when somrthing goes wrong for example), so should we just stop trying to find ways to solve it? no.

You just here claiming you got the most perfect map awareness and that’s good for you. How does that make the ping useless? Does it really hurt to have it especially when it’s actually very useful? If you want to gank isn’t it much easier to ping it? Then the laner can let the enemy push so I’d be an easy gank.


knowing when you’re going to die is one of the first things you learn. Granted it does come with many external factors, many obstacles and one of the hardest learning curves in the game.

The instinct of knowing when you’re losing or winning is a very fine balance of emotional turmoil - thoughts of “i want that kill” and “can I or can’t I?” and “shit I hope I don’t get ganked”… etc.

watching that health bar and knowing your surroundings is fundamental to becoming a good player and so does knowing when to ping " i need help ".

@Bobmax I’m not saying it’s useless, I’m saying it is better served as a “retreat” because this is one of the hardest things to learn in the game. whereas “on my way” is very natural.

Exactly. It feels natural to be OMW lol. For me using it as retreat is wrong and a waste of a ping. How does pinging caution on enemy team or a bush or whatever not say “DANGER”/“retreat”? I just don’t see why you wanna use the blue ping for that.

it is due to our how we as human react to it. Do you drive a car? see a stop sign, you stop.

By keeping the caution ping exclusively for possible ganks, when we see it, it puts our senses in a heightened state, ready to react appropriately.

By using it too much, as a general “be careful”… it no longer has the effect of keeping us on our toes when we see it.

I also use “enemy is missing” when I notice it on the map, but unsure of where they possibly are.