Permanent XP Boost

Unless you like talents and glory, the XP boost isn’t worth it. The level 41-200 chests are comprised entirely of talents and glory.


How can you know that? Getting chests level 41 doesn’t mean the rest of them have the same things.

I opened all 160 chests when the bugged client was pushed to the Samsung App store.

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Hmmm … maybe the rewards were bugged as well?

Then again, it certainly would not surprise me at all if SEMC reduced the value of the chest rewards … :roll_eyes:

It seems pretty purposeful when they add 10k glory and five different talent coins for five different heroes (25 in total) for the “milestone” levels (100, 150, 200, and maybe one more).

Wow. That’s just … pathetically bad.


New awards and progression system is great, right? Same as a new bug where the game starts to run at 15fps and last till the end… got it just now at 2nd min and was something I never saw in that or any game for that matter. Note 9, so my hardware is not the issue, besides, playing the game on it for more than a half a year… :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info! Sad to hear it tho…

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Having a progression system sounded too good to be true.

While I do play the talent modes quite a bit, this is definitely one of the bigger jokes of the game. It really does feel like a huge middle finger.

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Imagine for those who hate talents. Value of the chests = 0.


That’s me: I despise talents and I have > 400k glory …

Heck, some kind of increasingly blingy bling on my loading screen portrait would have been FAR preferable to these worthless chests.

SEMC: LoOk aT aLL tHe TaLeNTs AnD gLorY yoU caN EaRn NoW


I got only 200 000 and 150 000 essence… ;(

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Thank you for ruining the new levels for me :new_moon_with_face:

I was planning to do a smol grind for the chests but talents… Oh talents.

If I could physically grab those chests (filled with useless :poop:) and fling it off the plane of existence, I would have :neutral_face::expressionless:

When will semc learn that talents is worthless to half of the player base.


Lmao this sounds like one of my pessimistic guesses, that the chests would be memey. It’s a shame, I actually thought smec would make them somewhat decent. Major oof.


It’s seriously just talents? This is precisly what I hoped SEMC would AVOID doing for progression. Talents are literally the VG equivalent of Overwatch voice lines, but even THOSE have more value than talents to most of the VG player base. Every time I earn mostly talents I just groan

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Just wondering, why are most of your new comments being deleted?

Just fyi, the only time posts get deleted here on this forum is if the author marks the post for deletion.

There is one exception

If a spammer shows up and gets deleted by one of us, all his/her posts get removed by the system.

I have to say, I enjoy watching reddit plebs getting conned into buying the pass with zero idea that they’re about to make the worst investment in their playing career.

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I’m in the same boat, though “only” with 120k glory.