Patch 3.8 Bug Hunt

Post your bugs (or suspected bugs here) …

UI is still a mess: text is far too large, icons cut off on the top of the display, atrocious button layout … ugh :alphabarf:

The terrain in 3v3 shakes when Inara is auto-attacking. Horrifically distracting when it’s the rocks in the foreground that are doing it:


Hazel playing Vg?!?!? is this 2016 before 3.0???


Replay camera controls are even more broken in 3.8 than they were before. Panning resets the camera to a sort of overhead-ish view, and when you let go, it jumps back to the original angle … sometimes. Sometimes it jumps to a different one. :man_facepalming:


Battery drain is ridiculous with 3.8 – I’ve seen others report it, and I can confirm. From 98% --> 58% after less than 30 minutes of play. (iPad Pro 9.7" with iOS 12.0.1)

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Red Rona glitch with her lighting sword.

Once you use the second form of her B, the lighting has a 25% chance of glitching out to the point of:

If im attacking one of the dragons, the lighting effect extends all the way to the shop. Like it stretches from the sword to the distance of the shop.

Play it to see it for yourself <3

The camera in the replay mode is still bugged, fix it FFS


This is just a though of mine but I’m sorry, if even when they already delayed the update for two weeks, delayed it again on update day and even then bugs like this still happen it just makes me think SEMC is just slacking on their job.

I know I don’t work there so idk how are things around there but honestly… I don’t care.
They’re a company, they commit to deliver a product, they should deliver. Iirc every update since Malene has been delayed due to “last minute bugs”. Like lol, always last minute, even now with two extra weeks that were supposed to avoid that thing to happen.

Idk, idc. At this point SEMC is just a meme to me.
Of course that I know not everyone there is bad, there are lots of gems as devs there, but it certainly feels like someone isn’t doing their job around there.

Ever since Kraken left SEMC the UI became bugged. Hm

He left?!?!

damn This text will be blurred

I thought it was my crappy old device that finally lost it… can confirm battery issues across all range of devices then, my 2014 kindle isn’t having it :joy:

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I’m actually relieved to hear this, I thought my iPad Air 2 was finally showing its age (especially since I just updated to iOS 12.0.1)

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I am using samsung s9+… so far no batt drain or heating…


Also same with tadashin…no sign of drainage though im playing on a s7 edge…:thinking:


Same here. S7 edge . No increased drain noted

Not sure what they did to make this happen… most devs try hard to optimise their games so they can reach to more people while SEMC do the opposite and without any visual gfx benefits or changes - the game suddenly starts to drain around 50-60% more power than before. Seriously, and this after delaying the update with two weeks to fix “bugs” (and ?hotfixing? before the update hits the playstore/app store - ok :smiley: ).

@HipsterSkaarf reported it to SEMC, but I suspect they already knew that. After all, I hope atleast some devs/QA testers play the game on a mobile device. :slight_smile:

Also after further observation, before the update my phone (note 9 exynos 9810) was literally cold even after hours of play and the battery sit at 35.5 degrees celsius, after the update I reach 40 degrees on the battery and the phone is hotter than playing fortnite on high gfx (I hope most know that this game is a mess on android and runs bad + high load on all components). It’s not something minor, this is major issue and can’t believe it slipped through the QA phase. :confused:

@Dooogeee and @Gilgam3sh and @TadashiN - exynos or snapdragon version? I have my s7e in my gf, can test the exynos variant. Maybe the problem lies with specific OS/SOCs (GPUs)? :thinking:

I can confirm with Taka and Baron that this AutoAttack Shaking bug isn’t unique to Inara only. Aint going to test all heroes, but it’s a fair bet it’s ALL autoattacks in 3v3 mode.


Seriously, how can bugs like those listed slip in the QA phase and PBE? :roll_eyes:

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I am gonna sound dumb but what is exynos/snapdragon???

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