Ozo and 5v5

I have had a lot of difficulty with WP Ozo in 3v3, so really have focused on CP. Not that good and need all the help I can get. Ha. Had heard that WP Ozo in the lane for 5v5 is a definite thing, figured I’d try it… Let me just say I couldn’t help cackling and had to keep picking my jaw up off the floor so I could focus on last hitting. I encourage anyone half way interested in Ozo to give it a shot… Really fun!

I tried rolling CP, but can really see why that works better Jungle. In the rounds I have been in jungle is the popular role… Always a fight for it. And I didn’t fair very well in the mid lane CP. Again, Ha. So i think WP may be the way for me to do for now.

I’ve tried Captain Ozo a few times… Why not? Lol. Had been hit or miss for me, depends on the other team comp and temperament…for me. But as I mentioned earlier…coming from a guy not very good, so I’m sure there is plenty of user error occurring.

How are others of you finding ways to bring Ozo’s Circus to the Rise?

I’ll be honest I haven’t even given Ozo a go yet in 5v5, but reading that you say he’s somewhat viable in lane as WP, I’m gonna give it a try. :ok_hand:

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I play wp Ozo quite a lot. Whenever I get the chance. I have no 5v5 yet but rush SM then throw in Spellsword followed by crit. I get fountain over aegis for the heal. I max A and C. Vs tanks I get BP after Spellsword vs a more squishy comp go full crit after Spellsword.

Have fun he is great. You healing lies in Three ring Circus. You have 3 gap closers so people can’t escape you.

Have fun!!

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Also Boe received a huge melee buff and Ozo benefits the most of all heroes. It is a direct buff for him.

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I can take WP Ozo top and outtrade almost any laner there including a Joule, just make sure it’s not a SAW top and you should be good, if it is just trade lanes with your mage.

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Wp Ozo is fun :slight_smile: but I ALWAYS go cp Ozo If I’m against a SAW

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Mhm, I can confirm with experience, both as and against him, that WP Ozo is really strong in 5v5. His sustain and damage are amazing.

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So far he’s been my go to jungler since his stickiness and sustain lets him outplay cancerous junglers like koshka and taka.

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Ozo is very strong in 5v5 - probably too strong with his sustain and obnoxious synergy with book of eulogies.

One dirty wee trick for CP Ozo players - if you hold onto a scout cam at all times - when you find yourself in a 1v1 duel in the jungle drop your scout cam at the enemy feet - then you can bounce on the enemy, bounce on cam, bounce on enemy.


Hey if you have enough experience with Ozo in 5v5 you can help out my meta overview wiki! My friend also said Ozo is great in 5v5 and I have yet to play him yet though cause I was busy playing Fortress kek


First few matches have gone well, but I am finding myself a big target, and struggling to get built enough to sustain in late game. I think a combo, of me working on my game, and others figuring out what Ozo is capable of. Wouldn’t claim any qualifications as of yet. But an Ozo fan for sure.

You can start ganking as early as lvl 3 with CP ozo. That is if you’re using a B oriented bounce build with ozo and not focusing on lvling your A. His B damage basically doubles after the first lvl and you can just go into a lane and nuke someone and begin your snowball. Remember to lvl his B, every lvl adds significant amounts of damage to it.

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Good words! Will focus that and see if I can starting bringing the snowball. :sunglasses:

I posted this in the meta discussion thread last week. He is strong early. He still lacks great scaling so late he can struggle to finish off an enemy. I think when rank comes around, heroes who can flex WP/CP and lane/jungle will be valuable.


Today I did some experimenting with a friend of mine for a few games with me using cp ozo and him using wp idris. Let’s just say we absolutely crushed any opposition once we both got to lvl 6. Idris latching onto an ozo ulting just NUKES any carry unfortunate enough to be a target. In teamfights it’s extremely hard for the enemy team to concentrate us and doing so means the rest of our team has free reign over them. It was WAY too fun. Ozo’s perk is really shining in 5v5 and with synergy picks (healing supports) he’s just a regenerating wall of sticky meat that annoys enemies.


Oh man! That sounds like a lot of fun! Or not…depending in the side hahaha

WP Ozo is a sustain monster with 3 gapclosers and build in healing. SM SSw Bp TM/def fountain JB/WT

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WP Ozo is a monster in 5v5. His combat mobility, duribility, and dive is ridiculous. Now you can hop around in Lyra’s bulwork and fights aren’t as contained so Lance doesn’t hard counter him nearly as hard.

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All jungle heroes are really stong now

It really does seem like it. Maybe a bit OP… Yet… Always a way to answer right?