Onslaught still alive?

I thought it would’ve been removed. So it’s staying ?

I believe winter season is still on, is it?

Its being removed in 3.0 not in 2.12

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Onslaught is still available, as it is a seasonal mode it will be removed in update 3.0

troll scarletzero posting otherwise…

I think he said 3.0 as far as I can recall.

Onslaught has already been around too long, imo. :potoo:

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I think Onslaught was a great idea that needed some more work to be executed well.

As it is the meta stagnates too fast in it.

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I don’t get why people bash Onslaught “It’s A Great mode just don’t take it so seriously lol

Does anyone even care about Onslaught?


Me I do why the hell would anyone hate Onslaught?

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SEMC is probably gonna fix this :slight_smile:

I liked Onslaught. Hope it comes back soon.

I’m not much a fan of Onslaught, there is just way too much an imbalance between heroes, and the true damage at the end is way too unpredictable and luck based, you just have got to hope it tears through your half health slower than someone at full health, yet sometimes it does, surprisingly enough.

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It’s supposed to be a fun mode why people take it so seriously I should say same for BR an blitz but it bugs me when I loose because it need skill

It is indeed for fun, that much is correct, but I have trouble with having fun when I am up against Baptiste, Lance ang Glaive every single game where they all build tank and cooldown.

A fun mode should still follow some rules. As it is right now, the talent visual bug and the meta in this mode makes it more frustrating than anything else. If semi would work on it and give it its own map, it might actually work.
But it seems to me like they tried a mode that could sell more talents and realized that it isn’t played that much.
After all, 3.0 is not the end of the season, right?

Onslaught could use a lot of fixing up. But I think it’s fun for what it is or tried to be.

But what if it tried not to be fun? :thinking:

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So much hype for onslaught before 2.11 came, but that hype dies out really fast.