Oggtrudie the Ice Troll

This is an ice troll like in snow monster joule. I’ll draw a picture maybe. Ummm he is cp jungler the Asia is to get close to enemies to use your a and b or travel around the map with no obstacles in your way and bank. Uuuh you’ll be able to draw your own conclusion when you read it. That’s right. When not if. Have fun…

Name: Oggtrudie

Perk: Resistant Fur
Oggtrudie takes no damage from damage over time effects but still keeps the effect/cc. (Eg. Taka give him mortal wound but no dot with his ult and ringo burn does nothing to him but hurts allies)

A ability: Fearsome Cold
Oggtrudie sneezes freezing the target enemy and dealing damage. Frozen enemies gain bonus armour but cannot basic attack or move. They can break the ice early by using a dash ability or a projectile. The ability used to break them out is nullified. Oggtrudie deals bonus damage against frozen enemies. (Short ranged)

B ability: Shuddering Strike
Oggtrudie slashs the enemy dealing crystal damage and applying a dot effect. The effect is a shield break and also large amounts of damage over time.

Ult: Abominable Avalanche
Oggtrudie rolls into a ball dealing damage to enemies he rolls over. (You have picked a direction.) Depending on how long you roll for it has different effects. The longer you roll the bigger you get and the more damage you do. Enemies hurt in the early stage of the roll get slowed. Enemies hurt in the mid stage get rooted. Enemies hurt in the late stage get frozen. You can reactivate this ability to exit it. It has a longer cooldown depending on how long you roll. (It’s range is really big maybe 3/4 of the hf?) when you exit the roll you deal area damage and apply the current effect to nearby enemies. (Can go through walls)

Woo done now read my hero idea compilation :clap:


This is a very well designed realistically possible hero.

They could copy paste this and it would work.
Surely they’d have to crunch some numbers but hey that’s always required.

Love this idea. I would put the ult on a low cd and make the final hits from the roll hurt like hell but the initial damage is rather weak. Ult for mobility but also well timed. Make her roll unstoppable too.

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Thanks! It’s a shame the only thing in Vainglory created by the community is Sylvan Kestrel.

But didn’t I already put that stuff in? Or do you mean stuns and roots and such don’t stop him either?

I put it having different cooldowns based on the roll length for this reason: since he is melee you need to get in close, but his a and b abilities don’t let him. But you can use his ult for a short distance and the after you use it’s combo it might be off cooldown? But then if you use his ult to backdoor into the enemies base from your base (in the Halcyon Fold) then it would be on a longer cooldown so you can’y Escape quite so easily. So you have to use it carefully. Although he seems simple, if played with the proper skill he can be very strong. (Also looks cute :heart_eyes_cat:

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I like the idea. Quite simple compared to some things I’ve seen on here, but then some people on here do go over the top with complexity, and hey, simple is good too! I’d maybe nerf the range of his ult a bit, (it should be big, but not too big, but I really like it otherwise.

Also, would he take DoT from spellfire?

and just a heads up; if you were going for “abominable” with the ult, you misspelled it. just in case you wanted to fix.

He would not take dot from spellfire only the mortal wound. And maybe the ult range is excessive…maybe it can go up as you level it up?

thank you for teaching me how to spell <3