Obtaining Catherine SE Skins

Is it possible for me to obtain the summer party (red suit) and beach patrol (black suit) Catherine skins? They’re the ONLY two that I’m missing!

Probably not. The black one was event exclusive, like idris, and the red one for some reason is not meant to be purchased directly.

Then I can never be a true @Catherine master. Forgive me, my love.

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Actually I got Origins Idris from one of the Gold Chests I had gotten.

According to the events article that SEMC made, it wasn’t supposed to be obtainable except from being the top players for said events but I somehow how got it as a blueprint last patch :thinking:

That said, @Lebatron Im sure that if your luck is 10/10, you could probably pick it up from a :ice: chest or if they decide to have a Summer Party Chest during next season.

That shouldn’t had happened lol. You’ve waste all the year’s luck.

Either they lied or its :spaghetti: code.

And I got a LE/SE (supposedly) for a hero that I hate. Idris :clown_face:

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Yeah I read your comment in Reddit and wanted to ask you about this , we discussed SE skins and why they have blueprints because I didn’t see anyone getting SE blueprint but you didn’t get just a SE blueprint but you got an exclusive SE skin blueprint , that’s wow , how ? They said this skin exclusive for events and they didn’t announce anything about him being available in chests .

What. I dont think i’ve ever talked about this on reddit :mask:

Also yep. Idk how I why the skin when it was said it was only given out as rewards. I think its just a bug though.

SE skins have BP because they can be obtained using a BP, but their BPs only drop in special chests, like the red lantern from Reza and Gwen.

@RiseChu you hate idris? He is one of my favourite heroes. What happened to you isn’t new though, I remember facing that Idris skin even before the battleground events as it could drop in chests. Seems a coding mistake though.

You did as a response to a thread about skins , and you didn’t mention that it was a blueprint I thought you got the skin directly , but now you saying its a blueprint , why the game has SE skins blueprints are they already have SE skins blueprints because I didn’t get any SE skin blueprint before , what happened to you prove that there are SE skin blueprints.

Are you sure they drop blueprints not skins ? , I don’t remember any SE skin blueprint .

You can get it through BPs with a lot of luck, I don’t see it being worth though as getting a normal SE BP is difficult enough already. I don’t know why the Summer Party Catherine is locked though I thought it was available for opals.

Her ‘Surfs Up’ was, and I purchased that a while back. What are BPs? I hope you don’t mean Battle Pass… :sob:



All you need is a time machine to play VG back when the SP and LE Cath skins were available in order to be a true Cath main. Pretty simple.


Short Story Time:

Lmao I didn’t realize that the Night Shadow Taka (LE) skin was a LE event (when I first started to play Vg) and I sold all the NS Taka cards so I could make the Tier 1 Koshka Skin.

I look back at my mistake and i want to jump into a trench because of it :sob:

Edit: now that I think about it. I had the LE NS skin but it was on my first (now lost) smurf.

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I honestly feel the same way about Killer Bunny Rona and Summer Party Krul. I knew full well that they were pretty much free LE skins as long as you played often (which I did) but I got lazy with their card grinds so I didn’t get either :upside_down_face:

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They might come back in the far future. I mean they made LE skins come back one way or another :eyes:

Yes, I’m sure, I asked a dev about them and that’s what he told me, they can only drop in special chests.

Interesting i wonder what is the drop chance number , SE skins already have low drop chance compared to legendary in the chests , I think the chance of getting SE skin higher than getting the blueprint .

Edit: I just checked the drop rates page for vainglory and it says 3% special edition blueprint on the blueprint chest , the blueprint chest removed already , and the special chests semc put says you get the skin or talents or boosts , so I have no idea how people going to get the SE blueprint .