No one at SEMC caught this?

The sunlight meter. Take a good long look. You’ll see something, old…

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Nice. Hopefully they’ll give us essence in lieu of cards, and not something like Glory or talent coins.

If your talking about the cards, they still count for glory cards, Opal cards.

Those were cards? I always assumed it was just a design choice to border everything similarly. TIL

Well, at least I think they are, they are in the form of a card so I went with that

It’s a completely believable observation. I would be more surprised now if you were wrong.

I hit 40 yesterday, half expected a blueprint in lieu of the legendary cards we used to get.

Got 80-100 glory and 2 Epic BF Talent coins.

The rewards have been nerfed again.

Talent sux tho, i hope that I’ll never get them as a reward

I guess not a lot of people caught SurpriseBD’s comment on Reddit. SEMC forgot to include Blueprints and essence into 2.12. He didn’t say when they’d make their appearance but for now, they have been mistakenly omitted from the game.


you will get them. they have replaced the cards everywhere now.

Same. I hit that 30 and got glory and maybe a boost.

Their project management skills continue to amaze …


Wait wait wait… So does that mean I should not rush sunlight levels?

No, it’s fine. You can level up. When you get a level a non 5 multiple level, it’s like opening a brown chest. With a 5 multiple, it’s about a silver chest. Key orbs are keys and override the RNG.

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Better to finish it than not, you just won’t get skin cards.

Can I get a link to the post? I want to read it.

Unless that was changed with the hotfix, I’d like to see proof. I’ve seen posts of people acquiring blueprints and essence, am I now meant to take those posts as fabrications?

I’ve spent the last 15m trying to find it. I’m done. How Reddit even became a thing. It’s on R. Good luck I’m done with that site

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No worries. It’s not the best.