No More Sunlight in Bot Matches

SEMC at it again: pushing people toward buying sunlight


Even though I personally don’t play Bot matches, I sympathize with you and all those who play VG casually, especially good for the kids, as you mentioned.

it’s not like Sunlight rewards are actually worth much. it’s just a nice way to know you’re progressing.


What matters is not sunlight rewards, its the Battle pass along with the end of season rewards (2 Epic Keys + 6 BP chests + 4 talent chests + essence + Glory at lvl 50)

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The battle pass is paid for. Even so, I personally am not tempted to buy it, even though I have reached level 50 within about 2 weeks into the season. I just don’t find it worthy. But that’s just me.

The point is, whether you level up fast or slow… get the best rewards or just simple rare chests with nothing in them, it shouldn’t be limited to those who grind in PvP matches.

Think of the kids. I’m a big softie at heart and it wouldn’t want to take some enjoyment from them.

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Honestly, that’s why this makes me so unhappy: bot matches have been the last thing keeping us all playing Vainglory together. Now that there’s no sense of progression/accomplishment in the only mode we ever play, I don’t see the kids playing any longer. And that’s a loss for SEMC, because I would always buy them ICE so they could have whatever hero or skin they wanted, since they didn’t play often enough to grind for them.

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It gives you 150 more ice than its price.

Sorry, but i dont understand this: its a multiplayer game, people arent supposed to play only bots. Its like asking Supercell in Clash Royal to give you chests for fighting against the trainers instead of players, It just doesnt make sense, why would you play a PvP game to play only PvE modes?
I mean, its IMO a bad move from SEMC, i also play bot matches, but they arent supposed to be grindable…

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Din’t you read that i achieved level 50 in about 2 weeks? the point is: people who are after sunlight rewards and battle pass, can and will achieve this very, very easily. no matter what mode they play.

it doesn’t hurt VG in anyway to let sunlight be available in bot matches.

just see it as an added feature - heck, if @hazeleyes din’t make this post, I wouldn’t even know about earning sunlight in bot matches. and even if i DID know, i’m pretty sure i’d still prefer pvp matches.

It’s just something for the casual players.

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I get that it’s supposed to be a PvP game, but the PvP aspect is pretty bad these days: matchmaking is awful and toxicity is rampant, making the odds of having a fun match low. So with limited time to play, I often opt for a bot match for fun – especially when playing with my kids, since we have very little time to play together.

I don’t see this as anything but a ham-fisted attempt to push people toward buying sunlight levels. And I think it’s poorly thought out, tbh: After all, if people are playing bot matches, they’re still engaged with your game. If you take any sense of progression away from that, you’re likely to lose players as they lose yet another incentive to play.

i’m sad
but we should see this coming
bot not supposed to give sunlight

Disagree, the battle pass turn back more ice than you invested. You can literally pay only once and have the battle pass + some ICE on top of that for the X amount of months (as they can change it or the game die). Also stating the “I reached it in two weeks” I guess it’s blitz all day long, right? Well, I play only ranked 5vs5 and also don’t always pick the most sunlight skins as I like diversity. Normally I reach level 50 around 2 weeks prior end of season. Keep in mind that I play few hours per day, not all people can invest so much time in the game.

They want to force people to buy levels, I can guarantee that. Everything they do from December is for a profit increase. They are really in a tight spot, tho not talked about it officially.

True. I believe this has already been established from the moment they announced levels can be bought for 300 ice per level.

Gone are the days where sunlight was a simple progression system.

The sunlight they gave wasnt enough to make buying levels worth It. You are not supposed to progress playing PvE in a PvP game, It doesnt make sense at all. The PvP experience is bad? That means they have to better It, no that they should reward PvE.

Not everyone has as much time, most people who achieve lvl 50 do It between 1-2 weeks before the end of the season.

Yes, but i dont understand why so much complains about not being rewarded with PvE in a PvP game, its not like its the end of the world.

In this laser focus on monetization that’s developed over the past 18 months, imo, they’ve really lost sight of the original goal, which was making the game FUN to play.

Not surprising that people are migrating to other games that ARE actually fun and don’t abuse their player base (e.g., Fortnite, AoV) …

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Im more mad that you cant get early access heroes from rare and epic chests anymore. Now rare keys are completely worthless to me.


What? You cant? Since when? How do you know that?

yeah, i think i’m being a little arrogant in saying that. sorry. in hind sight, it’s not a very good example.

Anyhow, the sunlight system is officially paid to level up now.

This is big change if true. I had stored a few epic keys and got a lot of early access hero via chests (normally before it will took 1-2 to drop the hero as I got them all and I guess the new one was with higher chance to drop). :frowning:

Well, all I can say is you can see how well that’s going, can’t you? The PvP experience in VG is currently the worst it’s ever been. As the player base keeps shrinking (let’s face it, as an older, niche game in a decreasingly popular genre, VG’s trajectory is NOT upwards), I don’t see that experience improving anytime soon.

Why would you do ANYTHING that discourages your current players from opening the app and playing a match?

Wait, what?

Saw a dev response once on reddit saying that (too deep for me now to try to find it). This update i opened my spare 9 rare chests and 3 epic chests and didnt get silvernail, only other duplicate heroes. Normally ill only need to open 3-4 rare chests to get early access heroes, and epic chests is basically a guaranteed unlock.