'Nightblade' Inara

Ooh… this looks cool. :waning_crescent_moon: :deer:


I like that MUCH better than the default one! She looks like Spider Queen Kestrel’s half-sister!


Now all we need is for the MAP to cycle day and night, like in dota… it’s only fair that this awesome skin gets the proper back drop ! :smiley::smirk::wink:


Pc version should be able to have that since mobile cant “handle” that

but we got hats though… what’s a little ambiance in the air

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I’d love to see more environmental effects – can you imagine how cool it would be to have it rain in VG? Or snow?

The Fold had volumetric lighting, but there’s little “atmosphere” on the Rise. It’s one of the (many) reasons I find 5v5 in VG very meh.


I like how the blades look like crescent moons… and the extra bits on the horns.

If I ever drop money on this game… it’d be for Inara. Mods please add Inara as favorite hero option for forums

I hate her. Gonna downvote anyone that uses her.

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You better be joking :grimacing:

Nop, gonna do it with any of my 4 accounts. Inara=downvote. And not only I will downvote them, but also troll. I hate her, even more than pateto and Malene.

A little early … but done :lyra: (She’s at the end of the list – it wouldn’t alphabetize it for me.)


Can you also add Corpus the Nightmare Goat :potoo:

Maybe on April 1st?..

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Inara is the mostest bestest :triumph:

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The fold is a lot more detailed. It’s obvious that every detail was considered and crafted with love. Sovereign is mostly rushed for release and lacks the attention to details from the first map.


To be loved (to be loved)
Oh what a feeling!


Freaking fantastic you funky little goat lady

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which is your favourite treant?? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?? ??

Honestly, you took BF’s trail, threw ugly ass glitter on it, and got it all dirty - gtfo :upside_down_face:

Don’t worry though, in two weeks when you’re on sale for Glory, they’ll remove the trail due to an unanticipated problem with frame rate. I’ll play you then :joy:


Why do i feel that Inara is the nocturne of vg now…