Next update reveals :O

don’t know what number is next because im not that involved, i only noticed this because i was looking at sugarvenoms tweets and this was underneath

sounds like silvernail? i don’t know what everyone sounds like too well anymore

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I don’t see how Silvernail related to the bull nor horns, but whatever

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That voice acting tho :man_facepalming:t2:

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everybody knows I’m happy if there is a monster hero in VG :smile: lmao

His model is so huge. It would be cool if he has a larger hitbox as part of his perk. It could do a lot to make his stand out as this giant destructive monster, he could theoretically have an OP kit, but be really easy to hit.

They don’t even bother anymore…
I mean compare that to this one:

At 1:49 he has a similar line but he actually nails the character.

Ah. Are we going to start having typical moba archetypes now.

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Have to agree … oof :gwenrainbowbarf:

This reply is :dart:

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I want spotlights back too


Model by OMNOM! workshop

More details :arrow_right:

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The splashart is better than expected :woozy_face:

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Whats next, unoriginal and generic skin from fans

Have I mentioned how much I hate these stupid “tease” tweets?

Obviously, Rogue hired the SEMC marketing people :koshkaeyeroll:


I hope Blackfeather’s splashart looks good.

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Lol. That’s true, but I wonder if they will nerf his B

Smec/rogue whatever idc, droping them reveals like: How do you do fellow kids? :sunglasses: