New spellfire

Now spellfire also applies mortal wounds, making it also possible for the crystal carries to negate healing. Do you think this change will make spellfire viable, even if only situationally (we know it’s been bad until now)? Will this be kind of an indirect nerf to sustain based heroes like krul and ozo? What do you guys think?

i love it. finally a cp hero can battle sustain at the cost of some damage as well. all they have to do now is to add some lifesteal to spellfire :slight_smile:

At least there’s a reason to buy spell fire now

Buy it on Flicker and cripple the enemy teams’ sustain forever.


It’s a good change, maybe we can start seeing it in some builds

If they do that, then there’s no reason to buy EoH

I think Vox and Varya could work this into their builds. Maybe Adagio and Flicker. It now has value even at lower CP totals.

Haha, Varya’s ult with mortal wounds is cancer in team fights…


I can’t wait for Skaarf to have his way with me.

Fireballs from seven miles away into a goop that zones me out of my whole lane huzzah.

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Yeah, Skarf looks like a monster now. Imma have to try him.

Although, on second thought, I don’t think the taka nerf was enough for me to want to deal with it.

Skaarf already was really good 1v1 in lane because of the Goop range increase. He wasn’t getting a ton of play but he was catching people off guard. His objective taking power just got much stronger. 1 extra second of burning and 20% more damage. Poke and fly away. I could see Skaarf played with a dedicated Roam (Lorelai, Adagio with SGB) to push waves as fast as possible just to get him in Goop range.

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This man Flicks 30 character minimum

Same difference with Serpents Mask no? That and poison shiv have a place so why not here?

Not that I’m advocating spellfire getting lifesteal, just saying it wouldn’t alienate Eve if it did.

This is interesting, might have to work this into a CP vox, does resonance apply Spellfire effects?

Nope, but you can use Ulti to trigger.

I believe the Spellfire will become new meta and roamer won’t buy Fountain first since it is not going to be useful anymore.

I’m disappointed and relieved at the same time, vox would have been broken beyond belief if resonance shared it’s effect.

Does his A trigger the effect on single targets?

Hmm, I don’t know, haven’t tested yet.

Okay thanks for the swift reply

SF still works to trigger Kestrels Mist in 3.0. It’s a legit 3rd or 4th item for her CP build. Same for Gwen. Both build SG and CW first. That gives them a total of 380 burn damage or 129/sec. I also build this on munion Petal who can go SG DE SF. She is a terror coming out the jungle because she takes near zero damage solo farming even at level 1. She still counters Taka.

I thought munion attacks not triggering spellfire?