New Items?

What do you think guys if new items added in VG?
I imagined it was ‘mana burn’ item.
Last Month I suggest that to dev, and have a good reaction.

Just so you know, I’ve moved this to “Heroes, Builds and Items” because it’s not a suggestion for the forums.

Could you post this suggestion and response? Add it to the thread? Would make this a worthwhile read.

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ooh mana burn, idk what it is but it sounds really nice,
i want a hero with mana leach where it takes a small portion of their energy with their abilities

Its similar to spellsword where u get energy by basic attacking. But for mana burn, the opponent you basic attack will lose energy. So its gonna be a good item against heroes that use energy like koshka, celeste etc


Will it be a wp, Cp or utility item? Or maybe a consumable?

It can be anything except a consumable lol. Maybe a cp item like spellfire depleting large chunks of energy or wp item which depletes small amounts per basic attack. Might be good on roams as last item so they can basic attack n deplete energy from opp mages.

it would make Mages useless. lol. SAW vs Celeste suddenly is a good match up.

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imagine your whole team builds it and focuses on one enemy and the enemy loses all their energy due to ur team dive

which is why i suggested it as a consumable… that would only give a 3 minute window to use it effectively and not be OP throughout the whole game.

@Ve3nNo0wM @RiseChu lol You guys are imagining it to be a little too op. Lets say a hero has 100 energy. One basic attack will deplete like 2 energy. Your whole team spends most of your time basic attacking opp mage, then you’ll get rekt lmao cos most of the heroes are ability oriented. And dont forget all energy items in VG have energy regen. And each mage gets like 2 energy items. And so celeste and skaarf spam like crazy. A energy burn item will counter the spamming. Celeste and skaarf will be more like samuel. And I think something along these lines would be good. And if you make your whole team jump on opp mage then She’ll die much before half her energy gets depleted :stuck_out_tongue:

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On top of what he said also consider the heroes that don’t use energy at all like: Blackfeather, Idris, Rona, Ardan, Lance etc…

These will be invulnerable to said effects…

What if you use this “mana burn” item on a WP carry though? They don’t have that much energy to begin with, so you can burn through their energy in a fight. You can cripple a Gwen’s Skeddadle or Vox’s Sonic Zoom.

each basic attack dealing -2 energy and be similar to spellfire? wouldn’t that make spellfire or any other CP item a better choice?

True. What if the item removes like X% of the energy of a hero? Idk there will be some sort of balance for sure. This might lead to a higher usage of spellsword too. Just need more items that will make people change their builds from the current meta thats been there for too long without any screwed up balancing. Looking at other 5v5 mobas, they got tonnes of items. Imagine 4 versions of crucible? RB + HP thats the normal. We could have RB+HP+ passive CP/WP/Energy so that heroes like grace or lyra can use them. We could have tonnes of new items if we think about it. SEMC just needs to do it.

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Not really spellfire. The most practical is WP type mana burn item. So more like Spellsword. These are all just a random set of thoughts so you can question a lot of things lol

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SEMC just needs to add more heros with different buffs and debuff so they could allow the production of more items, with the current line up of items, i find VG to be boring when it comes to items choice or item variety

We need more items with unique passives in Vainglory. I have preached this for a while and will continue to do so. The WP Tree is pretty boring, and really needs something to spice it up.

Something like…
Hidden Dagger
55 Weapon
300 energy
Whatever amount of energy regen
Upon becoming invisible, your next auto deals 50-200 + 50% bonus damage and reduces all your cooldowns by 20%. This damage cannot crit.
Entering an unwarded brush, using a hero ability to become invisible and becoming untargetable (Reza/Idris ult) count as invisibility.

You know, that interesting stuff. That VG doesn’t have.

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But i did it faster :3rd_place_medal:


incorporated into a WP item? wow. I’d still think Raw WP would be a better choice, unless the mana burn takes a bigger chunk than only -2 per attack.

A typical Mage with clockwork already has 10+ per second regen with a 600+ energy bank. For this item to have any impact, the balance would need to be so fine as not to be completely useless and not deplete energy so fast that it’s OP.

Take into account how mages fall off late game Vs WP heroes. WP will naturally win over CP in the late game, because of CRIT and low CD.

This item would change the meta completely. To the point where every hero would need to be rebalanced, or this item so finely tuned that it would be always OP or UP… forever struggling to strike a balance.

I’m not sure about this mana burn. It would change everything. Heroes, other items, draft, the meta would totally shift. Maybe it would be a good thing. It just seems to me like a monumental task if they were to implement it.