The Sebs guy uploaded gameplay.

I looked up Sebs (the guy who leaked it in Twitter) and found him streaming on YouTube.



i’m so happy that i was wrong about kinetic not being a hero!! i wonder what her ult is though since the pics only show two abilities,stunning splashart too!

I’m tired with all the 4 hits and strong stuffs. Big boo to the designer there


It can’t be minion blocked yay…

Hey guys, I’ve moved this out of the Broken Pipe - PBE was greenlit (with some provisions) today, so chatting about the new hero is a-ok!


I’m gonna need better explaining as to what her abilities are.

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So… was Sugarvenom talking about writing for two MORE heroes??

Either SEMC is about to drop the biggest lore since Gythia route or they’re really planning ahead.

Technically kinetic’s lore is connected to gythia in a way

they are planning ahead. a hero takes a few months until he/she/it is ready to be released. they also work on different heroes at the same time

What the hero name?This text will be blurred



read the title

Little sad we havent got any new CCs
She just Cp version of kensai/tony

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@LamDumbasspro her perk isn’t based on attacking but it’s a stack from her abilities which empowers her attack.

so her entire damage depends on landing her a.
its on a short cd, now i want to see the range and projectile speed of it.

also, she seems to have a wp path as well as cp. wp using her a to enhance her next 4 basics with a 10% wp ratio.
she seems like a mix of vox and adagio (the buff to aa), but harder to play than both.

not sure if wp or cp is going to be better. my guess: noobs like me use wp, pros go cp and land her a every single time.

and she will go for halcyon boots, her energy costs are insane and she doesnt have much base energy.

I updated the thread.
Gameplay of Kinetic here

It still cannot cover the fact that she is pretty boring. Her A is essentially Joule’s B without the crit, her B is just an overglorified Idris’s A and her ult is essemtially Ringo’s ult with some variations.

Lol she reminds me of Gwen. With all the stacked broken heroes aka Tony Malene Kensei then all of sudden Kinetic comes out with super simplistic kit.
But at least she looks cool.

I honestly find her refreshing. I think it’s good to see a simple kit once in a while.

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she is fine. basically the next hero in line to learn after ringo/gwen for new players looking to be a carry.


No it’s not her next 4 basic attacks the Tracer shots STACK. So that means her basic attack will have a 60 wp(+40% WP ratio) if she has all 4 stacks late game. The only way she loses these stacks is through her ultimate.