New event? Beach Bash

The event is basically for people who have the skins -.-
And if you dont, theres a “view deal” option :smiley:
cos winning 40(Including 10 5v5) pvp games seems impossible and we gonna get only 4/5 done to get a free summer party skin.
I thought we could get stuff “free” from events but ok.

How long is the event

Really, what’s up with these “win X amounts of 5v5 matches in 2-3 days”. I can barely play 10 matches in 3 days let alone win.
The event seems good although I don’t see the point in trying, already got the skaarf chest as well as those SP skins. GL anyone who’s participating tho.


What skin is it Sp gwen?This text will be blurred

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Second and third one is ridiculous only people who got the skin beforehand can get it I don’t think bf’s or skaters skin available in market

I got none of the new skins… ig ill only be able to complete the talent ones >_> ;-;

These events are another example of SEMC taking a good idea and screwing it up as much as possible:

  • it’s too short – most people actually have lives outside of VG and will find it difficult to dedicate enough time to complete the quests (e.g., 10 5v5 matches at 18 minutes each = 3 hours, even if you won every match) over the short duration of the event
  • exacerbating the above point is the fact that the event appeared out of the blue, with no notice ahead of time; by the time many players find out about the event, a significant fraction of the time available to complete it will have passed
  • the rewards are pretty meager for the amount of time required to complete the quests



3 days. less time for 40 winssss

same. Ill have to rush to lvl 50 for the skaarf skin. I dont have any of the SP skins so this is a good event for me.

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That’s pretty much the point, I guess. People will start working on the 10 Blitz and BR wins, and by the time they get around to 5vs5 and realize they won’t make it, they’re in so deep that some are going to be willing to drop the ICE on those two chests.

I just gave it a shot, and ended up with these matches:

Do I want to keep trying until I hit 10 wins under those conditions? Heh… tired sigh

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lol I was just praising them for their events and then they did this. Whoever keeps finalizing stuff like this needs to take these small quality of life aspects in perspective. Nothing wrong with making the rewards hard to get for the most dedicated players, and it makes economic sense too, but this is a mobile game: the time constraints require a good amount of time playing when the average player is only going to play a couple games a day if they have obligations, like most people do, and the lack of heads up gives little time to even plan a gaming binge.

These little common sense things can make or break an event, as insignificant as they might seem compared to other things.


My only problem is that the event is too short. If it was a week that would be so much better and reasonable. I’m fine with their being quest for players having the skins as I believe they should be rewarded for supporting SEMC. And it is possible to earn the top reward for free but the amount of time offered is just too short. SEMC can’t fix this now as it seems SEMC make these events schedule and implemented in the updates to be automatic. I just hope SEMC in up 3.5 understands our frustrations with these ridiculously short events and changes that.

This is not a big deal but I imagine SEMC knows how much the average players plays and they know how realistic these events should be for players to achieve these rewards. If SEMC do not want a lot of players to gain the rewards and have it be only the try-hards of the try-hards to gain I believe they’re in the right to do so but the least they can do is warn these try-hards before hand and let them know how they should schedule themselves to put in the appropriate effort because SEMC should respect the players who do put the effort into their game as they’re their most valuable players.

So I think what we should actively do as a player-base is

  1. Recommend to the devs that these events be scheduled longer(more on the optional side but it would definitely be better for the game)
  2. Recommend that their is a warning or announcement about the event for the players. This is most important to me.

We really just needed advance notice on events that aren’t log in specific or a random daily. Anything else needs a notice. I have to disagree with the rewards and the nature of having to have the skin. Those aren’t issues in themselves because of the small nature of the event, but not giving any heads up is in really poor taste.

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If all the future events are like this then I guess I’m just going to have to buy that skaarf skin with opals, I barely have enough time to play vg let alone winning 40 games.

Aside from the prize, I’m loving the fact that players are actually trying harder to win. More of these events~! even if it’s a huge task to complete~!

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This reminds me of a game on FB I used to play years ago.
Marvel : Avengers Alliance, they had a spec ops every month where you had to complete 25 tasks in a month to unlock a new hero. 23 or 24 mission was either behind a paywall or heavy grind session.
While that was a pain to do so as well but the month time limit made it possible for f2p players to complete and reward was something completely new.
This event here is just not worth it, getting 40 wins is a big thing but can be done with BR spam.
Spending 500 ice is no biggie but the rewards here are just a chest which most of us already have, 3 skin which oldies already have as well.
(Altho. I was a teen with no work back then so time was not the issue which is not the case anymore).

Talents rewards? Even if I had all the skins and they paid me to do it I wouldn’t.


1.- too short
2.- useless for those who already have the chest and the SP skins.
3.- no summer key = not worth it.
4.- time to spend a lot of money (SP BF, Rainbow Skaarf, summer chests…) or sell your soul to the demon.
5.- rewards are… not to good to compensate the time invested.
6.- no 3v3 (well, the last one but all other modes have their own mission while 3v3 has none).
In general… I won’t even try it, it’s not worth it (point 2 and 3) but… good luck for those who will try it.

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There are all game modes in the event except 3v3?
3v3 deserves love too

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It’s include in the final task (40 pvp matches), but it’s the only mode with no mission.