Need Help Rona

I need Rona I wanna Learn to snowball sometimes I can’t catch people with my spin they just run outside of it and attack me so should I go assassin critical build Rona? I like her spin and fort health tho long as enemy die I’m cool ANY TIPS

P.S. Rona Needs WINTER SKIN…yes I like snow and cold… p.p.s Rip reim

Rona is weak rn, dont expect her to destroy everyone.

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I recommend playing another hero.

i honestly dont know why the buffed her ult thinking it was going to help her, so many heros reck her, she needs her nerfs reverted imo since there is new armor

i got destroyed by a good Rona player. there’s already a thread about her

bro a 4 item build suggests that he was fed af. anyone with a 4 item build that is ahead can demolish people especially rona because she has tankiness and whole lotta damage. the amount of effort it takes to get all that online is the hard part. she’s so crippled she can barely kill a creep wave without losing a chunk of her health because minions died before she can finish them off. I don’t even want to talk about that jungle clear and her inability to gank lane properly with all the dashes and stuff… something about using Glaive’s afterburn feels better than using Leap into the Fray…