Need for more Fear!

Right now there is one hero with the fear mechanic in the game.

Papi Baptiste,

Fear is the most powerful mechanic in the game. It is an aoe displacement than cancels enemy movement and enemy skills.

When A ringo is using hellfire brew and Adagio is using verse of judgement while Skaarf is using dragonsbreath one stroke of fear will cancel all their skills and send them running.

Baptiste has this skill as his Ultimate, fearsome shade.

He is a midrange mage which sometimes doubles as captain because he has a lot of utility. He isn’t necessarily a great captain though.

I would love a giant fluffy beast hero. One that goes from cute to terrifying with skill usage. A capain hero with fear. Much like the old Gremlin movies where a fluffy critter turns into a freak.

Need for Fear


Guess how many heroes have a snare?

none :’(

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Um ok? You really didn’t go into detail as to why we need more fear abilities aside from Baptiste having it. I rather SEMC do part with the excessive amount of CC it’s honestly annoying and slows gameplay.

Because it is the only unique ability with an aoe effect that changes the game.
With draft having one healer available while the rest are banned is very powerful.

Baptiste isn’t ban worthy but a very strong draft hero.

Fear actually isn’t aoe, only the ability is. It’s possible to have a single target fear that causes someone to run away from you…

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Still I want more from this mechanic.
It appears that Tony will have taunt which is the opposite.

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