My ideas to change Lyra

So a lot of comments about Lyra being too OP because she can spamheal too much have cropped up lately so I’m thinking about ways to change this so today is the day I reveal my changes to you to comment on:
●Perk: Principle Arcanum
•New: Each heavy arcane missile now has lifesteal equal to a % of her additional HP and building HP will also increase the range of her basic attack.
•% additional HP to lifesteal: 25%.
•% additional HP to range: 0.05%.
●A: Imperial Sigil:
•New: Now requires a % of her maximum HP to activate but also heals an extra amount for the same amount of HP she sacrifices.
•% max HP: 5%/5%/7.5%/7.5%/10%.
With these changes, I wish to make Lyra players to be more conservative with their heals and to be more aggressive on their enemy and to maximize the slowing potential of her basic attacks.


That would destroy her, and that passive is useless. Just increase a little bit the cooldown (1-2s) and that’s it in terms of spamming. The problem is that she also heals too much compared with Adagio and Grace.

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Not useless. 7.5%×700 HP of a Crucible =52.5% lifesteal and most of the time she’ll get 2000 HP or more which 7.5%×2000 HP=150% lifesteal. Imagine building a Crucible on a CP Lyra. Also, I just changed her that she does heal an extra amount of HP for the same amount of sacrificed HP.

I’m talking about the captain Lyra. The carry Lyra would just be broken with that much lifesteal.

Risky change tbh, SEMC seems to change numbers than rework heroes

But we all know that CP Lyra ain’t gonna build that much HP right?

Well, let’s get them used to new things.

I thought it was the total health. Then that passive is useless.

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even if the change is for cap lyra, adding lifesteal won’t help because lifesteal still relies on how much damage you deal so a captain build wouldnt steal much

Calculate the lifesteal. Let me say you build like the Core FCT and you already have like 1550 HP. Now you can go like SS2000 (5v5) or Contraption (3v3) you’ll get yourself another 500 that makes it 2000 and more. For 2000 HP you’ll have 150% lifesteal and her damage ain’t that bad which means she can heal herself up quite consistently.

Very interesting concepts. I’d have to see this sort of thing in action to really get a proper opinion on it, but so far I dislike the ‘sacrifice health’ idea.

You can already maximize slowing potential by using the attack… Can you expand more for me on what you mean by “maximize the slowing potential”?

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Id like this thing for a new hero concept…

Cause people didn’t basic attack that much on heroes with Lyra so yeah whatever.

Where did you get this information? Do Lyra players in your experience not use her basic attack?

Well, not that much. They mostly. I say not much not completely not at all. They still do but they mostly stay in the backline and heal.

Because Lyra IS a BACKLINE support… and her range allows her to attack within or behind her team. And there is no point slowing an enemy when your team is targeting someone else. Slow the enemy your team focus on and then move on to another.

Well you explain all of it to the folks above for me. Thanks man.

Can’t relate I tilt more when I see an ally Lyra than an enemy Lyra. She’s fine and that 1sec nerf this update should do it along with the burst heal nerf.

Yes and no, the new items heavly buffed her.

I am also explaining to you as well… lyra basic attack can’t do much beside slowing and to slow, she has to stand and engage. She can’t even attack multiple enemies fast either so there is a reason why many lyra players including me don’t engage instead they focus on timing their abilities to block enemies or gank them and heal.