My idea to include Talents in the 5v5 gamemode

For this thread, I wanna talk about Talents. As everyone has already known, Talents are pretty pay-to-win, yet most (not all of course) of the effects are very lame (I’m talking about the effects only, not the effectiveness) and Vainglory is having a balancing issue so I think it’s a good time to impliment a Talent tree into 5v5 and all heroes are balanced for 3v3. So let’s get to the Talent Tree and how it’s organized and in threads later, I’ll post my Talents for all of the heroes.
The Talent Tree:
Many people have known this before but I’ll repeat the concept of a Talent Tree. In the Talent Tree, at certain level, you will be able to choose a Talent from a range of 2 to 4 Talents at each level threshold based on your current playstyle. These will be available at these levels: 1, 4, 7, 10 and 12. Once you have chosen a Talent from a certain threshold, you can’t change Talents. Talents for Brawl Modes are now all available at the beginning of the match. These Talents aren’t upgradable so their bonus stats won’t change.


No please just no, just no. Burn the talents.


SEMC have messed the game up enough already, so go wild, add Talents to 5v5. There is no more damage to be done. Hell, even nerf Lyra again for old times’ sake.


K will have a word to Nivmett about doing that. Shall we hit Vox as well? It is tradition…


Tell him to nerf AS by 1% while he’s at it.


I’ll see what I can do for you…

And I cry ;_;
But well, the tradition is the tradition, no? Ask him so SZ no longer attacks, this should be enough.

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I believe OP is suggesting all new talents for each hero?
is this idea a suggestion for a 5v5 brawl mode?

Individual talents, new brawl mode or whatever, ANYTHING related to talents is a hugr mistake that must not be repeated. This is basically adding extra headache, for what? A short lived hype which will then degrade into maelstorm of imbalance.


How are they going to earn a living? They got families to feed. lol.

Don’t forget to tell Sonata to nerf Fortress talents again.

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Hold on, you state talents are P2W then you want to drop them on 5v5? Why? Seriously why?

You do come ou with some crazy ideas…


no turn lyra back into first-release power so i can one trick her like what im doing to celeste

Ok so most people haven’t read this thread thoroughly. As I said above, these Talents aren’t upgradable which means that they will not be P2W. Also, I plan to create a Talent tree for each hero with both new and old Talents.

They need to get rid of the CP scaling on the % max HP. 1 Aftershock and his damage is borderline broken for a support

So you start off by complaining about balancing issues (it’s a topic close your heart) then you want to further complicate balancing by including free talents? All your doing is adding complexity to the game further increasing the likelyhood of imbalance.

Can you not see what a cluster &£@) it is in blitz / brawl (I don’t even play these modes so not sure where talents are used), what makes ou think it’ll work in 5v5.

Seriously, you come up with some bizarre ideas at times but this has to be your worst for a while… don’t waste your time coming up with talent ideas, nobody wants this in 5v5.


I’d say, why bother himself anyway?
Devs don’t give a damn about this forums, they aren’t here and even if they were, they barely listen so it’s all pointless anyway. Just a waste of time.

There, somebody said the truth XD. ^^^^

People really need to reconsider how to spend their time more productively.

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I’m only on here as a break from work!

This is an alternative to balancing the entire game.